FM97.2 陈建彬的爱妹关系

5A2477A5B74A758A97BA4B9332120Went to support 干爹’s talk show on Friday which was at SOTA. It was a good show, a biography of his life. You know he’s never a really talkative person in actual life or perhaps he’d prefer not to share some of his personal life stories with us. I was glad that I went for the show as I managed to glance deeper into his life. He was pretty busy preparing for the show for the whole month and he once mentioned that the show meant alot to him. He said that this show was like his baby and by fulfilling this wish of his, it was a remarkable accomplishment in his 60 years of life. Being his god-daughter, I am really glad for him and I felt so proud when I was at the audience seats. Seeing him on stage was like WOW.. His story inspired me. Share bout this later…

20131004_224227(Look at how happy he was after his very first show which turned out extremely well!)

20131004_224155(Just playing around..)

NA201310042213370001-62-088000000(The big bouquet of flowers that I bought for him in celebration..)
20131004_224431(Me and him.. Congrats Daddy.)
20131004_224352(Him and his flowers and me with my new cap which was a gift from him from overseas..)

Although the show was about Marcus Chin, but the other DJs did a VERY VERY good job acting as well. Never knew they could do comedic acting that well. Gotta learn from them!

(Here’s me and Dennis Chew, 周崇庆. There were appearances of Aunty Lucy in the show which worked like an added-bonus! His scenes brought much happiness to the audiences! First time I met him but I’ve always liked him cause I know that he’s a FANN WONG Fan too. haha)

(Me and 蔡礼莲. They call her “Ah Lian”, but she’s really sweet and I’ve always liked her 关怀方式. Glad to be able to snap a shot with her..)

(Last but not least, here’s 晓英 and Daddy. They are now partners for their radio show so please tune in to them if you’re driving in the morning. 他们说她是电台里最有女人味的。我完全同意。Love the way she carries herself.. her posture and all. Gorgeous.)

Anyway, I mentioned that I was pretty inspired by the talk show so let me share abit. Thats right, its a comedy but its actually educational haha. To me luh. To me.. Hmm, to put it simply, sometimes humans tend to get too engrossed or rather want something too much that they forget the fact that nothing’s gonna be easy. I was like that. I wanted to achieve my dreams SO MUCH, too much that when I shoot for the stars and only got the moon, I got really disappointed. I questioned my ability, whether I should even stop trying.

建彬 shared in his talk show that he didnt achieve his career that easily as well. There were many highs-and-lows and times when hope showed but got extinguished that quickly. He persevered. He got banned by the TV station before and thought that he could never get pass their gates again. His parents forbidded him to be an artiste and he had to sing in complicated places just to put bread on the table. Yet, he held on to his dreams and in the end, got somewhere. I really must be patient and hold on. If people used that many years to make it somwhere, who am I to require less?

Another lesson that I took away from his talk show is to 饮水思源. While talking about his road to stardom, he thanked and gave special mentions to three very important people who helped him along his way. 在这圈子,真的需要别人给你机会。这些人,要感恩珍惜。

For those of you who missed the show, I heard that it might be coming out in CDs! YAY!


I said infront that I was disappointed but now Im really grateful and thankful.

I will strive to do well.


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