Getai Star Awards 2013

Years ago, Getai wasn’t considered a culture nor an art. Nobody gave recognition to the organizers, the performers and what-not. In fact, no one cared. Today, Getai artistes and organizers have successfully boosted the image of the somewhat forgotten or belittled industry and has transformed it to a unique Singapore outdoor performance. With Getai making its way to Orchard Road, Esplanade and the Chinggay in 2014, the Getai industry got its own place in the newspapers, often making the headlines and side stories. And despite what you may think, local Chinese newspapers actually held yearly Getai Star Awards to reward local artistes and organizers for their effort and contribution. People are getting interested in the industry.

Getai Star Awards 2013 was held yesterday night, with 15 award-winners attending the ceremony which garnered a 5000 people crowd. Anyway, it was a long day, so lets start from the styling. So here’s my experience at the Getai Star Awards 2013.

Woke up and went to Extreme Look Salon to find Louis, my hairstylist. I showed him what I’d be wearing tonight and he decided to style all my fringe up. Its something that Im not really comfortable with cause I have a REALLY high forehead but I trusted in him. I was jittery about the final look.

wpid-C360_2013-09-26-15-22-40-317.jpg(Louis busy spraying and Gel-ing. He used a lot of it so as to keep it set right through night!)

And after doing some makeup, this is my look for the night.

wpid-NA201309261744420035-62-089000000.jpg(See the pink streaks, Louis added them for me to match my performing costume. I found it pretty cool!)

wpid-NA201309261747210012-62-089000000.jpg(I still don’t like my forehead…)

wpid-C360_2013-09-26-18-13-26-108.jpg(Everyone’s busy preparing for the night)

wpid-NA201309261808440004-62-089000000.jpg(After my mum decided to ditch me for her own work, she’s been helping me out. So here’s me and my new-found Minah. She chose that name herself, normally I’d prefer to go with Siti or something along that line.)

wpid-NA201309261747430054-62-089000000.jpg(Went for a walk in front of the stage)

(Supporters getting ready the lights and boards to cheer the singers on!)

Finally, its time to get changed and TADAAAAA.

wpid-C360_2013-09-26-18-32-11-102.jpg(Its in pink but its edgy. I love it! I still hate the forehead though but its a good hair to go with the costume, no doubt…)

wpid-C360_2013-09-26-18-33-56-263.jpg(Me and Wanglei. He’s my mentor and he always shares his experiences with us and acting experiences especially to me. Its fun being around him.)

And the show began…

wpid-C360_2013-09-26-18-58-27-137.jpg(Here’s the view from my seat.)

wpid-IMG_20130927_2.png(Before going up on stage)

wpid-IMG_20130927_3.png(Receiving the award)

wpid-C360_2013-09-26-20-43-46-520.jpg(The other group of Awardees)

wpid-IMG_20130927_6.png(With my second award. The first one was a few years back.)

All Awardees had to perform, so here’s me!



Every year, the Getai Awards show seeks to break new grounds. This year, they had a gigantic LED at the background and StarHub TV crew here to film the show, just like how other TV shows does it. It was like a set in a TV station with the floor cameras and crew. They even had a backstage interview to talk about how we felt upon receiving the awards.

wpid-IMG_20130927_7.png(The backstage interview crew)

wpid-NA201309262005260058-62-089000000.jpg(With the host for the backstage show, Wen Hong. He’s from UFM100.3.)

It was a night of joy, fun and excitement.


The fans’ cheering was great and a queue was even formed when they took turns to present their gifts to their favourite artistes. wpid-IMG_20130927_19.pngWang Lei and Pei Fen did a good job during the talk show which many there would agree that it was well done since everyone was laughing their heads off at their jokes.


Tears fell when BaoBeiJieMei performed their last song which was dedicated to their mother who was present at the awards ceremony.


Aaron Tan, the consecutive winner for the Most Popular Getai Organizer Award for 5 years, once again led the team in putting up a fabulous show for the audience that night.

All awardees were asked to sing the finale together on stage to end off the show, so Im back on stage again..


wpid-IMG_20130927_9.png(Pictures with the GOH)

wpid-IMG_20130927_10.png(With the other awardees)

After the show, we went offstage to thank our supporters. The Wangz!

wpid-IMG_20130927_11.png(The Wangz Supporters)

wpid-IMG_20130927_12.png(The Wang Family)

wpid-IMG_20130927_13.png(The sisters came down to support too!)

wpid-IMG_20130927_16.png(Benjamin, my onscreen Ah Beng BF stopped by too!)

wpid-IMG_20130927_14.png(Signing my boards..)

Last but not least, I would like to express my thanks to the various people for the support, cheers and gifts. Please pardon my unglam state. Taking pictures and looking nice at 3am isn’t my forte.

wpid-C360_2013-09-27-01-14-31-634.jpgFirstly, for the award, I’d like to thank my mum for her full support in helping me achieve my singer dreams. Thanks to my dad, although you hardly come for my shows, but I know you love me and support me behind my back. Thanks Pikachu for all the late nights and fetching me around singing, being my listener and caretaker and assistant and even my maid. Thanks Louis, my hairstylist for the numerous hair sponsors and for voting so hard for a normal girl like me. You’re deeply appreciated. Would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the veteran artistes who taught me stuffs when I was a newbie to the industry and also some getai organizers who continuously gave me performing opportunities despite my occasional inadequacy. Here’s to name a few, 谢谢建彬干爹,奇贤干爹,莉莉干妈, 王雷师父,金铃姐,袁瑾姐,志伟哥还有曾经教导我的老师们,还有很多! And of course thank you to all of you out there who voted even that one slip for me. Thanks Thanks!

wpid-C360_2013-09-27-01-20-34-043.jpgFor the Angpows, I’ll have to say a big thank you to the Aunties and Uncles who supports me and The Wangz clan! You know who you are and its a bit hard to remember who gave which but still a BIG THANK YOU and a shoutout that I LOVE YOU ALL.

wpid-C360_2013-09-27-01-16-25-910.jpgThank you Anderene Choo MM and En Hui XMM for the cutest flowers. Thanks dear girls, you girls actually spent some money on these I know. Thank you!

wpid-C360_2013-09-27-01-15-16-147.jpgI decided to put this picture too cause the hair and pose is like. OMG. Not me. Someone said that I look like some professional Thai street artiste kneeling on the street asking for money remunerations. LOL.

wpid-C360_2013-09-27-01-23-54-466.jpgThis picture is… ermmm.. FAILS. -.-

wpid-C360_2013-09-27-01-22-43-708.jpgbut nevertheless, thank you my Ah Girls, Sisi and JiaJia for the Hello Kitty gifts. Thank you for coming down and keeping me in mind. Sisters Love.

wpid-C360_2013-09-27-01-07-02-554.jpgHere’s a beautiful picture of the items that I’ve got tonight. Although its not a lot compared to the other more popular artistes, but Im really thankful and grateful for each and every gift received.

So.. Here’s a big THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!

And I just wanna say that..



Oh yea, if you’re interested, do remember to catch the Getai Star Awards 2013 that will be on
StarHub’s RuYi Channel (如意台) Date: 21/10/2013

Photo Credits to: Andrew Ng, Kou Kee Fu, Marcus Pang, Peter Tay
(Please let me know if I forgot to mention anyone!)

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