Say I Do.

Attended a wedding dinner on Wednesday night and omg, I seriously love being immersed in the kind of lovey dovey feeling which filled the air. Its always nice watching the two “before strangers” now walk down the aisle to start a new journey as a union. Its no longer about just oneself but its more of condescending to each other. That IS an art form itself, the WAY to live with people. And to watch it all happen, that gives me hope.

image (Here’s one of the props for the photobooth. I thought that it was cute!)

image (With the bride.)


(Camwhore before going in the ballroom)

image (Love the floral decorations on stage.)

image (The door gift. Cute and sweet!)

image (Waited for awhile before we could collect our pictures! I totally want this for my birthday as well!)

image (ZiLian before eating anything!)

And just when I was starting to feel a teeny weeny hungry.. The groom and bride did their first march-in. It was hard taking pictures cause there’s other camerapersons blocking your just-good-enough view. Talk about paparazzi!

image (Walking in together hand in hand signifying their new bond)

wpid-C360_2013-09-25-22-36-30-750.jpg(The Live Band)

wpid-C360_2013-09-25-21-58-00-124.jpg(Second March-in)
wpid-C360_2013-09-25-21-58-25-258.jpg(Back View)

And you’ll see some familiar faces here…

wpid-NA201309252200070008-62-087000000.jpg(With the sister)
wpid-NA201309252302170012-62-087000000.jpg(With the star)
wpid-NA201309252301310020-62-087000000.jpg(With the bride)

    When the one whose hand you’re holding
Is the one one who holds your heart
When the one whose eyes you gaze into
Gives your hopes and dreams their start,
When the one you think of first and last
Is the one who holds you tight,
And the things you plan together
Make the whole world seem just right,
When the one whom you believe in
puts their faith and trust in you,
You’ve found the one and only love
You’ll share your whole life through.

Congratulations to Shawn and Chloe…
Eternal love.

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