Back with 10 movie reviews!

Hello everyone! Im back from my break. I apologize for not blogging recently as its been a busy month with National Day celebrations and the Mid-Autumn ones coming right up. Anyway, Im back for more sharing and updates so do continue to come back here to visit k? Actually, I do have plans to do some vlogs or videos, but that’s still in planning. Something else that I really yearn to do would be to be a travel blogger when Im not busy with acting projects. Cross my fingers and wish upon a star. Sometimes, I really feel so limited, with so many things that I want to achieve but yet so limited in resources. But its okay, we’ll keep trying, won’t we? Well, I’ve been quite a movie maniac recently so I shall start by posting some reviews. Enjoy and do see what’s worth catching in cinemas now!

1) Eli Roth’s Aftershock (Thrilling and bloody)

 It started out at a very slow pace, so slow that it felt boring. Towards the middle when the quake hit, the horror came alive and there’s quite a few scenes that were pretty gory and bloody. If you cant take broken arms/legs and blood everywhere then just forget bout watching this. The storyline was so captivating and thrilling that I couldn’t even bear to look away from the screen. The twist at the back was good and the message was clear. What’s scarier than mother nature? Human nature. In the show, you get to see how the real world works, the ugly human side.

2) ILO ILO (Because its a Singaporean film)

ILO ILO ‘s a show that most Singaporeans, which includes myself, would find heart-warming. With a storyline that’s so easily identified with, I wouldn’t be surprised at how it managed to be the talk of the town. Although it was marketed as a comical show, I didn’t find it THAT funny. I found it to be light-hearted and it brought back lots of memories. It was like watching my childhood since the story was set in the 90s. I remembered how I used to be a naughty girl, bullying my maid so often. I even had my maid carry my bag from classes to classes when I was in Primary school cause of a leg injury. Aren’t you jealous? HAHA. Even what the mum said to the maid sounded so ever familiar. Great show for some family bonding and some reminiscing. No wonder it made it to Cannes.

3) Last Summer (Not that scary)

Thai horror seems to be getting more popular these days. I’ve been gathering up all my courage to watch these movies every now and then for some scares but I couldn’t find one which could overtake “Long Weekend” and “Pee Mak” just yet. Last Summer talks about how some best friends in school went for a trip during Summer and one of them got killed accidentally. Then the hauntings started and the one who’s not dead got all the fame in school. There were a lot of misunderstandings amongst the friends and families which led to the unstopping hauntings. I’d say that the storyline’s kinda cliché so its just an okay only film to me.

4) The Conjuring (Best scare film I’ve ever watched)

There’s a reason why I felt that this movie’s the scare of the year. I mean how often does a movie feature multiple hauntings. It was like a roller-coaster ride throughout the whole show with the girls in the cinema screaming from time to time. Their screams made the movie even better. The sound effects and images remains deeply etched in the mind after the show and I’m sure many who watched the show went to research on it since its based on a true story. I don’t want to get reminded of the show too much so that’s all Im saying. Just enjoy it if you’re in for a fright. Not for the weak-hearted.

5) Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Adventure and mythical creatures in the story are some of the things that I really enjoy. I’ve read the books during my schooling days and it got me really interested in greek mythology. The show was alright, your typical Narnia-like kind of film. Some fights, some monsters, some fun and laughter and a whole lot of effects. The funny part was how the Sea of Monsters only consisted of ONE monster. HAH. Someone mentioned that on the way out and I was like ya hor.. Though so, its worth the watch if you like putting yourself into dream worlds.

6) The Purge (Mind-fuck)

I have to applaud the script writer for this one! What kind of story teaches you that killing is right and purging is for the benefit of a better world? Its like if you got killed, you should feel honoured cause you helped to do some cleansing in the world. I’m really thankful that Im watching this in Singapore. You have no idea what this movie can do to people. What if someone had the urge to start killing off people in the cinema? The ratings gave it a two star but I thought that it deserved a little bit better since its got an interesting storyline. Its just the violence expected was just not there! Disappointed.

7) The Internship (Googlingly GOOD)

Erm, Im not sure if Im giving a fair comment here cause I like Owen Wilson’s acting but I actually felt inspired after the movie. I look at those guys over there and I feel like Im wasting my time away. What if I end up like them when I hit 30? If they had the drive to chase their dreams, why am I sleeping through my days? The show taught me to see life in a brighter way and it was smart to use Google as a part of storyline. I learnt some cool stuff about Google and more about their services. The actors are comical with several jokes thrown here and there that kept my smile on my face. If you need some inspiration and enthusiasm, do catch this show. It shows and reminds you the important things in life. DON’T LIVE WITH REGRETS!

8) Mortal Instruments- City of Bones (Looking forward to the sequel!)

I would say that this show’s pretty similar to Percy Jackson, just a lil difference here and there. Its pretty interesting as the show revolves around how there’s another world and another kind of being living amongst us. When the main character’s mother got kidnapped, she had to learn the hard truth about who she really was and the power she possessed. She goes through all odds and learns about magic, love and how to protect her friends. Another adventure story which will get you intrigued to read the book after the movie or to await patiently for the next sequel.

9) Prisoners (Interesting.)

Not too bad although it was pretty draggy at times. You’ll never see the connection until the end of the story. I really like Hugh Jackman’s acting. You could actually feel him and tell how he tortured and distressed he felt with the disappearance of his daughter. He had a hard time looking for her and had to go against many of his own beliefs and principles to save her. The name ‘prisoners’ really suits the movie well. There were many parts in the story when the characters in the show was made prisoners, prisoners physically and emotionally. The ultimate question lies within how much humanity you are willing to give up so as to save a loved one.

10) We are the Millers (Comical and fun!)

I wasn’t really sure about the movie when I looked at the poster. It seemed kinda boring and you know the typical normal family drama kind of show but it turned out pretty good! The story revolves around how a drug seller recruited his neighbours, a stripper, a dork and a punk girl, for a drug smuggling job. In order to succeed, they had to act as if they were a real family and cross the country’s borders. There were many scenes that made me LOLed and Jennifer Aniston’s acting was real good and shes’ so pretty! I enjoy Western comedic movies as they’re really free and open about the jokes and languages they use in the movie so it felt very real. Its a M18 show since its got loads of sexual stuff inside. I’ll never forget the kissing scene and the scene with the spider. Watch it to find out why!

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