Zooms Academy: Living your Dreams.

When I was young, I had a dream, an aspiration. Whenever those adults asked me that usual question of “What I want to be when I grow up”, it was always the same answer. Actress. You know how everyone have different dreams and life’s just the journey of attaining them? Its very true you know.. I read a sentence somewhere and I felt that I ought to share. It goes like this..

If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.


This sentence hit me at a deep level. Its like, if you’re not going to chase after your dreams so diligently, your life would end up somewhere else, fulfilling others’ dreams, sometimes even at the expense of your own. Suddenly, I have the urge to really persevere, to work hard in all aspects to get what I want. At the end of the day, its all up to you, isn’t it? However, nothing’s gonna just drop from the sky like that.

Zooms Academy

Time really flies and Im pretty amazed at how the year’s gone by more than half so silently and swiftly. Though so, the past 6 months have been well-spent to me as I’ve been undergoing training at Zooms Academy. I did Level 1 Acting, Level 2 Acting and Hosting Class with Zooms Academy’s trainer, CKay Lim.


(With CKay)

Perhaps, you may think , “Aren’t you already acting? Why still go for all these classes then?” Well, you’ve gotta really understand that acting isn’t as easy as you think. There’s so many things that I’ve yet to learn and so many things that I’m yet incapable of doing. Let’s talk about acting first… If you’re an actor then you may have realized that acting is not just only about ACTIONS but along with it comes the words, the emotions, the timing and more. At Zooms Academy Level 1 Acting, you’ll be learning the different aspects of acting and how to portray a character successfully. Level 1’s more about polishing yourself so that you’re ready to spar with different actors in Level 2.  Level 2 is much more intense in comparison. At Level 2 its about emotions, sending and receiving, and about releasing yourself so that you’re not stuck at being able to portray JUST YOURSELF. I really love Level 2 as its an opportunity to learn from your classmates every time you act. At the end of every lesson, I could see myself improving and slowly understanding more about the craft of acting.

(Level 2 Acting with Cherlyn)

I know a lot of you have dreams of becoming actresses and actors, but trust me, nothing comes free. A teacher once told me “舞台只给准备好的人”. If you’re not ready, you’re not going to do well even when the opportunity comes knocking. Im extremely glad that I took up classes here although it was not exactly an easy 6 months. There were times when I felt so challenged and so disappointed but through it all, I learnt and I gained a lot.


(My class’s 四大美女 Natalie, Cherlyn, Wai Kei)

While I was taking Acting Level 2, I signed up for CKay’s hosting class as well. You don’t have to want to be a host to take up the class as the training helps you more than just that. It gives you more confidence, especially in speech and public speaking. Of course, you should be able to host some simple shows after the class too. If you know me, I’ve started hosting when I was like what? 18? But I’ve always been a nervous-wreck up on stage. Being at the center of attention in front of 500-1000 people is much scarier than going for an examination. As a host, you’ve got to speak confidently and give instructions clearly. Not only that, entertainment is required too. Like how do I do that seriously, when Im so much younger than the crowd? How would they even be listening to me? HAHA, now, Im a little bit more confident of handling things on stage and GOD BLESS ME SO THAT I DO NOT SCREW UP MY NEXT HOSTING….


(Hosting Class’s Siao Char Bors)

Oh, on a sideline, MAKE SOME FRIENDS while you’re there. Cause you’ll never know who’s gonna be the next AHJIE in the entertainment line…. JUST KIDDING.


(Celebrating Abigail’s Birthday with the class)

To sum it all up, Im really glad to have taken the classes and have not wasted my past 6 months. Thank you CKay for not only teaching me acting and hosting skills but also teaching me about attitude and ways of doing things in the industry. To my readers, esp those interested in the acting and hosting line, Im not going to be selfish here to keep what’s good to myself. Do try out Zooms Academy if you’re looking forward to improving yourself.  To find out more about Zooms Academy, click http://www.ZoomARTsGroup.com/


现在啊,只能听天由命了。。 祝我好运。

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