Hello Kitty Land at Malaysia

Hello peeps, its been an exciting week since Im in holiday mode. Went to MBS a few days ago and today, I had the urge to go to Hello Kitty Land in Msia and voila, I got there. Its in fact pretty near to Singapore and its really convenient to drive there should you go by the second causeway so, no worries. Although so, if you’re not a fan of hello kitty then I wouldn’t even recommend you to step in as there’s really no “thrill” rides there except the tea cups… So, unless you’re ready to just spend time taking pictures, don’t bother. Okay, as mentioned, the only thing I can do there is really take pictures and Im sharing them here for you to take a look at what you can expect there.. Wouldn’t want to spend the time and gas to get there and to get disappointed ya? 🙂


Over here, you’ll need to purchase the tickets which is at about $30+ SGD each. You’ll see the Red Bow Cafe here too. Im sure kitty fans will snap a picture or two here. 🙂


At the entrance of Red Bow Cafe.

Before going in you’ll see an enormous kitty at the side! Don’t forget to snap a pic!

P1030497Kitty’s like so big!

P1030498Me and mummy 🙂

This is how your entrance cards will look like.

You’re supposed to visit the various stations and complete the activities.

P1030502MiMi and Kitty near the gift shop.

Entrance ticket!

P1030509Up the escalator. I know Im retarded posing a picture on the way up but THERES CHARMMY! Irresistable….

Near the entrance where you’ll see the Sanrio Wall (as I call it).

Also near the entrance, at the lifts.

P1030647And finally the “tourist” pose at the entrance of Hello Kitty Town!! Pretty sweet ya?

INSIDE THE HELLO KITTY TOWN. (beware.. its gonna be PINK PINK and more PINK)

Inside the town you’ll see various small houses. Its really very much a pink small kitty town and about taking pictures, so do go into the houses to take pictures with the Hello kitty themes and items inside. My favorite spot? HAHA. Look below…

This is definitely my favorite spot! I really want a garden like that? Cute ya?

Hello Kitty House 

 P1030511Now, we’re gonna tour inside the house. The first statue you’ll see in the house is this Greek Kitty.

P1030512If only I had this sofa in my room….

P1030513Its like Im in Kitty’s house. Here’s their baby photos with their parents. AWWW.

Off to the piano..

 P1030519The TV.

P1030521And the kitchen! Sweet and clean.

P1030520Look at the details.. Chef Kitty.

By the window..

P1030523More family pictures?

P1030524Hello Kitty bathroom! HAHA I forgot to reenact the AhBoystoMen bathtub scene. I’m sure it’ll look nicer on screen if the setting was this..

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

P1030529The extremely bright dressing table.

Ribbons and mirrors.

Pink Pink Bed room. 

P1030532 P1030533
Charmmy mouse and mouse pad! So cute! 

Common Area

With Kitty.

Hello Kitty’s sister Mimi.

Hello Kitty Black Wonder

Attraction number 2 that you should visit is the Black Wonder, or rather its more like an evil castle. There’s a story behind the castle and there’s a quest. You’ll be told the instructions and given a lamp to around with it.

Outside the castle. 

Gold kitty.


About the quest. Firstly, you’ll need to visit these machines and answer some simple questions about Hello Kitty and friends. Then you’ll be given a symbol and you’re supposed to look for the password to free Kitty and Daniel from the prison. Do remember to snap as many photos as you can while you’re inside. The completion of the quest will only earn you a certificate.

Kitty locked up. 

P1030550 P1030553
Looking for clues… The lighting’s pretty bad so try your best to adjust your camera lightings.



P1030566 The certificate upon completion! YAY.

Cinnamon Cafe


Im pretty disappointed with the cafe as its hardly kitty-themed and the food’s very limited. Nothing much worth taking here.. 😦

Activity House – Cookies and Nails

One of the activity that you can participate in is the Coloring the Cookie. Did I mention that the activities here are really catered to the kids? Oh well, just so I could take pictures… They’ll give you a baked cookie and you’re supposed to color it with Strawberry jam and Chocolate..




Dot. Dot. Dot. 

P1030597This is how they let you deco it. I didn’t eat my cookie after deco-ing. HAHA. Didn’t dare to.

P1030598My end product! 🙂



More pictures… There’s really nothing else to do.. I didn’t do the nail thingy by the way.


The only ride available! HAHA. Its small and I could hardly fit in but oh well, for the pictures… Im lucky as there wasn’t anyone in the line and there wasn’t much people in town either. Got the whole ride to myself. Pictures. Pictures.

 P1030610I think the cups are kinda cute. 

P1030612Getting bored on ride. 

P1030613“Ok.. We need to look happier!”


P1030619Daniel is so charming! Aww. Anyway, Im really glad I chose this outfit cause the color compliments everything in this town haha.

Activity House – Necklace and Dressing Up

Another two types of activities available here would be making your own necklace and dressing up. The necklace idea definitely came from Charmmy cause Charmmy wears a key necklace on the neck. You’ll be asked to choose a charm from the box and fix it in.. You’ll be give the charm to bring back home.

My favorite character is in fact no Hello but Charmmy Kitty. 

kk.. necklace time. 

I looked so focused.. like WHAT.


Me and Charmmy..

Next up is the photography studio. You’ll be given the opportunity to dress up as Hello Kitty or Melody. After wearing the suits, you’ll be up on the green screen platform for some pictures. Your photo will be super imposed on some nice background of Sanrio and you’ll be able to purchase you photos at about $12+ SGD at the photo counter.


HAH. How do I look in the suit? 



Bought my picture 🙂


Last but not least, don’t forget to catch your favorite Sanrio characters who will appear at specific timings for photo opportunities. They’ll only be there for a short while so do try to get there early. I actually missed the first Kitty and Daniel by 2 minutes and they didn’t let me take even a shot with them.. Was pretty angry.. I mean I paid to enter and it was not like they left, they were taking some last shots with the previous group and I was denied a chance. SAD. Lucky I waited for Melody and the next Kitty and Daniel.

With My Melody.. See what I meant about the clothes and colors?
  P1030653Daniel looks so handsome here. Bye Kitty, I’ll be Daniel’s new girlfriend. JUST KIDDING. 

(PS. Do take note that you’ll only be able to enter each house ONCE so do TAKE YOUR TIME to get your best shots! I didn’t know this and regretted not taking more!)

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