49 Seats Food Review

Was at Chinatown for some stuff and was introduced to a new cafe called 49 seats by Genevieve Tan (she insisted on giving her a mention, so here’s it).  I fell in love with the place upon stepping in as the cafe is very uniquely decorated with a very special theme.

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This is how it looks like in the interior. A very artistic feel. In fact, the furnitures inside’s anything but luxurious. Though so, you’ve got to admit that sometimes with simplicity comes comfort. The black and white art on the walls and the tidiness of the place just makes the place very unique.

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Look, even their cups and utensils matches with the metallic theme!

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Their menu isn’t like any others outside too. Im not sure how clear it is here, but its made of very old-school kind of flimsy cardboard paper. Its special, true, but I felt that it could be better as its kinda fragile and Im so afraid of getting it wet or torn.

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Anyway, they offer an extensive menu of western food served here and a couple of must-trys in which I will share with you guys in awhile.

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After Macdonald’s launch of their lychee Mcfizz, I’m very into drinks that consists of a mixture of soda and something else, so I decided to try this. Its really ok only, I think its like Fruit Punch plus Soda. Lychee Mcfizz still wins. (Btw, I really do hope they bring it back.)

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Calamari Rings. Their calamari rings comes in small tin baskets which is kinda cute since it matches with their theme. Its tasty, crunchy and chewy but I felt that its a tad bit oily.

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Next up, we had the mushroom soup. The soup tasted excellent, the kind that I like, not too thick and not too bland. I’d say its one of the best I’ve ever tasted yet! Definitely recommended! Speaking of it makes me hungry… UGH. Will visit the cafe soon because of their soup!


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Anyway, there’s a lot of choices for the main course, from pastas to chickens, fishes and more. For me, I chose the grilled fish as it felt healthier than the rest. The grilled fish served here is really fresh and sweet and it has just about the right amount of herbs to make it delicious without covering the actual taste of the fish. Its also grilled just about right so that the sides of the fish has a sort of crunch to it. Its really good though the sides tasted too normal for the price.

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The cheese chicken chop was good too. But you’ve got to be a real cheese-lover to like this cause they didn’t go easy with the cheese and tomato sauce. The combination is nice, if you like the kind of pizza taste? If you’re like me than the normal grilled chicken chop would be good enough for you. I felt that the chicken tasted good enough without the cheese and tomato but then cheese lovers will definitely have a different stand. Again, the sides area so-so only.

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My favorite dish over at 49 Seats Cafe is in fact THIS AWESOME SPAGHETTI. It seems that this dish is getting kinda popular in Singapore nowadays. Its called the Tom Yum Seafood Spaghetti and IT TASTES FABULOUS. Im a fan of spicy stuff and the maggi noodles I eat is often Tom Yum flavored and this is definitely the best combination that I could ever wished for! Im not sure about how the dish tastes elsewhere but the one at 49 Seats Cafe is like just enough spicy for me. If you like spicy stuff then you should know how you feel when you eat something just spicy enough that its like so “SHIOK”. Ya, this dish will give you the feel. With its fresh prawns and clams and the fragrant taste of the Tom Yum gravy you’ll find yourself relishing the plate of spaghetti so easily and quickly (in comparison to you know how theres some spaghetti where you’d find it hard to finish the whole plate not cause you’re full but cause you’re getting sick of the taste). RECOMMENDED PLUS PLUS.


Anyway, Genevieve (second mention) told me a very special story to the place as to why its called 49 seats. Well, this cafe is located at 49 Kreta Ayer Road (see the 49) and its got a total exact number of 49 seats! HAHA. How cool is that?? Before I end off, do note that their last order is at 10:30 and closes at 11plus. So, if you’re in for some good and special western food do remember to give this place a go!

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49 Seats
49 Kreta Ayer Road
Tel: 62254332
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 12:00 – 23:00

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