Pee Mak Movie Review

Had a late night movie with a friend. There’s quite a number of shows worth watching now and one of it would be Pee Mak. Pee Mak is a new Thai horror comedy which story revolves around 5 friends and one of their wives. Although they name it “the ghost wife” but its really more romantic than any other ghost stories. In fact, if you’re looking for something that would send chills down your spine then its really not your kind of show.

The reason why I’d recommend the show would be due to how its really extremely hilarious. While watching, I made some connections from the movie to Ah Boys to Men. The five main characters are really comedic. The whole cinema would burst out in laughter at the jokes and funny points.

I really like how they merge the elements of a horror show, a comedy and the romantic story together. The show makes you scared and certain points, makes you laugh, then send tears flowing down your face while the story reaches its end. Well, if you’re in need of some love story in your life with some happy ending then do catch it while its still in cinemas! I’ll guarantee you an enjoyable experience laughing out loud and forgetting all your troubles for the two hours!

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