Jurassic Park 3D

I’m just back from a late night movie of Jurassic Park 3D and gosh Im not feeling lethargic but excited instead. If you guys have not caught the movie, I’d definitely recommend you to do catch it since its a really different experience when you watch dinosaurs in 3D. They seriously pop out of the screen. Although I’d admit that some 3D effects in the movie looks weird, but when it comes to the dinosaurs’ scenes, its still good.

Perhaps the reason why Im like so high now would be due to the girl (stranger) beside me. I think she came with her boyfriend and she was like screaming and hugging her boyfriend at all scary scenes and not so scary scenes. She went screaming and screaming that often that I started screaming with her. You know, just to join in the fun? HAHA. And it was extremely funny when the people sitting in front of me were all jolted out of their seats every time the dinosaurs attack. I was laughing and screaming throughout the movie! What a tiring night.

Overall, I’ll recommend you to watch the show, especially those who doesn’t know the movie at all. Steven Spielberg has filmed the movie in such a way that its frightening yet not gory. Its like riding on a roller coaster ride throughout. Though so, Im a bit put off by some unnecessary dialogues which seemed a tad too long. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable experience watching Jurassic Park in 3D despite having watched the movie like 5-6 times on DVD when I was growing up.

After watching the movie, I realized that Jurassic Park might have been the reason why boys from my generation were kinda more in touch with all the different “saurus”, which is a phenomenon that seems to have gone extinct lately. I wonder if it’ll bring it back? I remember myself keeping cards about dinosaurs and I had this whole encyclopedia kind of book about them. Well now they’re all gone.

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