Diet Plans: Cabbage Soup

A girl’s struggle with weight is eternal. In fact, I don’t think any one would be please enough or contented enough with their looks since everyone have different definitions of beauty. Its definitely true, since I’ve got friends who are twig-thin who still wants to be thinner. Twig bitches. Im absolutely jealous. I think there’s nothing wrong in trying to look thinner, just do it the correct way.

When it comes to outlook, Im an extremist. Im very strict on myself as to how I look especially when it comes to weight issues. The thing is, if Im born ugly, there’s only my parents and God to blame but in regards to weight, a high percentage of it reflects your ability of self-control. I guess Im one of the lucky ones cause I was ugly before so beauty to me has always been something attached to a price.

Well, if you’d like to know how Im losing weight you might want to read on. Im sure there are maybe a few of you out there who’re really into losing weight but don’t know how. The sure thing is, firstly, don’t bother trying to be anorexic or bulimic cause it just DOESNT WORK. You don’t want to look like this and its difficult to be anorexic or bulimic cause its really hard to sustain the weigh loss and not to mention all the bad health problems that comes with it. Whats the point of losing weight by not eating for 3 days and then you end up gorging after that cause you feel too deprived. Don’t try.

I understand that many are kinda like “WTH, you are so thin already, still wanna slim down?” Haha. I may look thin to you but on screen, seriously, I look chubby, too chubby for comfort and Im not happy with how I look now. Anyway, another very popular way of having a quick weight loss would be relying on diet products, the X-es. Erm, I remember my mum trying those before and maybe its gonna work, but the product will make you lose a lot of water through sweating and you’ll find yourself drenched in perspiration. Also, its gonna make your body heaty, so you need to drink loads of water if you do that, or you’ll probably end up with a sore throat or worse, a fever after a week of eating the pills .

And so, let me share my diet plan with you. Though so, do note that cause I’m doing it the healthier way, so its gonna take a bit longer. 🙂 But, you’ll definitely see the difference in numbers on the weighing scale.

Step 1: Meals.

Well, this is what I eat most of the days if I’m at home.


Its filled with:

1/3 of Cabbage.

1 serving of Tanghoon.

1/2 a packet of tofu.

20130517_185255and 2 pieces of chicken breast fillets. 

What Im telling you here is to choose the lesser of evil every time you eat. Between a fried chicken and a grilled one, choose the grilled, if there’s a baked one even better! I never stopped myself from eating food other than the cabbage soup tang hoon above of course. I’d die if I could only eat the above. I still eat the normal food like Fishball Noodles Soup, Fried Hokkien Mee or Tze Char stuff, and even KFC or Macs once in awhile. Though so, you’ll find yourself not craving so frequently for these oily delicious food after getting used to eating the cabbage soup tanghoon above. Even when you eat them, try to share the portion with a friend, so that instead of a full meal, you only eat half of it. I do try not to eat that much rice though.

Do note that if you’d like the soup to taste nicer, put more cabbage and cook it with chicken broth instead of plain water. Please remember to peel off the chicken skin before you cook it. Cabbage gives your body loads of fiber and its said that the calories used to digest the dish is quite high, so even when you’re resting, you’re burning calories too! I’d reckon it’d take about 2-3 weeks to get rid of 3 kg? So its sort of a kg a week but thats for me, who’s still eating junk food many times a week. If you’re more dedicated I think it’d be even faster. The cabbage soup tanghoon above will give you a rough calories intake of about 350 calories per serving. If you eat both meals of the same thing for the day, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be under the 1000 calories mark every day.

If you want to see more results, don’t forget to start a weekly exercise routine! For me, I try to visit the gym and swimming pool once a week. 🙂 Even got myself a pair of new running shoes to keep me motivated!


Bright and shiny 🙂

Last but not least, if you’re on diet and don’t feel like eating when you’re out with your friends, just tell them you’ve eaten already. HAHA. I used to always tell people that, hey I’m dieting, not eating. But I realized how irritating it is that you look so thin yet you’re dieting and people are still eating to their hearts content and they cant enjoy themselves cause you’re there doing this. 😛 To avoid being nagged upon or judged, just say that. 🙂

Nights all.

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