Palmer’s Lip Butter- Dark Chocolate and Peppermint

Singapore’s hot weather has been getting on my nerves. With the temperature rising up and up, air-conditioning becomes a must in our daily lives. As Im really not much of a fan of water or rather I don’t drink much, my lips are often peeling easily. Applying lip balms have been an important chore of mine before going to bed. I’ve been trying out different lip balms for years and I’ve just found my favorite one!


Palmer’s Lip Butter. 



These are the common brands that I’ve used in the past which consists of Nivea, LipIce, Maybelline and Vaseline. Nivea doesn’t seem to help much when your lips are chapped, LipIce’s effects are only temporary. Maybelline seems to be more of a beauty product. Vaseline was good and it really helped to stop the peeling but I honestly think that it doesn’t really smell or taste as good. Like hey, its on my lips, I might unknowingly taste it what!


Palmer’s Lip Butter on the other hand does not only have curing effects but it tastes and smells very very good!


That’s right, its written there – Dark chocolate and Peppermint! I chanced upon this product at Watsons and was like, seriously, chocolate-tasting balm? Are you kidding me? Well, I’ve tried it and its proven. The balm tastes as real as any other chocolates which makes you addicted to putting the lip butter on whenever needed and possible. What’s more, the butter gives a lovely glossy finish too!

Time to take care of your lips people so that they can kiss better.

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