The Impossible

Hey all, its been awhile since I’ve last blogged. Well, I wouldn’t describe my days as busy but I think I made it busy for myself. The past weeks have been all about  losing weight and gaining weight, eating, reading and self-improvement. I’ve been a kanchiong spider for the past days for my driving test which was on Tuesday and I’m just so glad that I passed it. 🙂 KUDOS to myself. Maybe I’ll blog about driving soon but I’ve just watched a really nice movie and its just that awesome that I’ve got to share it with you guys. The title’s called THE IMPOSSIBLE.

I came to know about this movie only when my dad brought its back from the stores so, I wouldn’t say that its been a hoo-ha in the box office. Though so, I do find it very realistic and touching. Its all based on a true-story about a family who went to Phuket for holidays and met with a tsunami. Remember how the tsunami in 2004 kept us all in shock? This movie shows you the aftermath after the huge waves hit the shores and how livestock was simply swept away. There are scenes in the movie where they showed how the tsunami came and you’ll definitely be intrigued by the moving pictures.

The part of the movie which captured me the most would be how the family was separated by the heartless waters and how they had to deal with the circumstances to survive. When the waves hit at such a huge impact, it tore the family apart, husband away from wive and children away from mothers. When you’re at your wits end, or rather, when you are in need of help, would you still be helping others? Would you be brave enough to let go to do something more worthy? Would you brave all odds just so to be reunited even though there’s not even a glimpse of hope? This story is so heart-wrenching and real. It shows humanity, love and bravery. Other than a fantastic storyline, the casts acted extremely well in it that I was glued to the screen and I found myself feeling heartbroken and tearing for their sorrows and helplessness. Do catch the movie if you can k? 🙂 Its based on a true story, you’ll see so much and learn so much from it.

The Impossible Featurette

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