Forever New Flower Top

(Forever New Top, Forever 21 Shorts)

Floral prints seems to be very popular this Spring. In fact, you can be considered fashionable should you wear anything that is of floral prints, from bag to tops to shoes and even caps. I remember seeing floral print caps on my Instagram, but I reckon that they’re still not yet sold in local stores. SAD. Im definitely getting one should I be able to find it.

Just to share, I used to be very against florals and laces, especially when I was younger. Florals and laces gave me an impression that only older people wears them. I apologize now and take back my words. Florals and laces are not only able to bring out the elegance and maturity in a lady but also gives an impression of purity and beauty, especially so when paired with white. This Forever New top is actually kinda costly but there was this inner-voice telling me that I had to get it! And so, I ended up with a hole in my pocket and here I am…

Im getting bored of my long fringe though I still like my dark hair. Im thinking of a haircut to the fringe since its so hard to style it or tie it properly at this length! Just look at how its hanging there. I should cut my fringe a little shorter, shouldn’t I? Thinking… Oh well, salon time should be soon then.. 

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