Jeans and Prints

(Top and Bottom from Bugis Street)

 What other best timing to get your clothes from other countries where they are so trendy yet cheap than now? Its definitely the perfect timing to go for some holiday but Im still stuck here in Singapore. Sad that Im not able to go on a shopping spree overseas but nevertheless, fashion posts will still be around.

This look is rather simple as its something that seriously EVERY singaporean girl seems to own by now – Jeans outerwear. Since the start of November last year, Denim items have been featured in every possible fashion magazine and can be found in most shops, be it at Bugis or Forever 21, Esprit or HnM. Other than the usual and most common way of pairing it with a Denim bottom, I tried to wear it with an extremely bright colored high-waisted shorts. If you’d notice, the shorts contains of blue prints as well, thus, it wouldn’t end up too contrasting with the outerwear. If you’re looking for something simple but not too sloppy, this would probably look great.  

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