Judgment Day Gala

Attended Judgment Day Gala on Tuesday and GAWD was I starstruck. Many artistes were down to support the show and embarrassing me still went googoogagaing over those gorgeous actors and actresses. Some big names who attended, whom I saw would be people like Paige, Yahui, Dennis Chow, Michelle Chong, Pan Ling Ling and many more. Aaron was laughing at me that I should have gotten used to meeting stars by now… but oh well. 😛 Control girl, control.

Judgment Day is a local film and it includes four stories being merged together in the movie. I’d say that the movie is more to heartwarming and focuses more on family ties, love and relationships. If you’re looking for some catastrophic thriller than you should probably watch something else like Iron Man 3 instead. Saying that, Im sure there’s still people who you know need some realism and life stories to get some of their hardly used tears out. You’ll spot some Getai artistes in the show too, but sadly Im not included. HAHAHA. I needa work harder man on my acting career. Anyway, its still a fine film with a touch of comedy.. So support local films!!

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