Floral and White

(Top and Bottom from Forever 21)

Florals are really nice, but they are definitely on my list for hard to wear. When I was shopping at Forever 21, I stared at the jacket for a pretty long while thinking, before deciding that I’d get it. The jacket caught the attention of many other shoppers around too but everyone took it off the rack, took a look and placed it back. Yeps, Im sure many had the same thought as me.. “What can I wear this with?  Its kinda elaborated.”

Well, I’d say that wearing florals can be somewhat dangerous, maybe not so much in Western countries but in Asia, when you talk about floral wear, Aunties and Ah Mas, are still right at the end of the equation. Perhaps most associates youth and beauty with florals in the UK, but in SG, its somewhat different. Its just so hard to pull the look off, looking appropriately mature and not too old. This is the only way of matching that I figured out and I hope it looks alright. When it comes to florals, I prefer to pick something with flowers that are lighter in color rather than something purple or gold. To look young, pair it up with shorts and some clean colors like white instead of grey. Helps a lot! Although its something thats not easy to carry,  Im still very in love with the new jacket as the material is SUPER comfy, just nice for melting hot Singapore. Last but not least, thank you Forever21, you never fail to pamper me.

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