Thai Village

Dining with my mum have always been enjoyable cause I’ll get to savor all the expensive and delicious food that she’s so into, without me worrying about the cost. I think I’ll either end up as a food guru sooner or later; or if life brings me nowhere, I’ll end up a pig. HAHA. Anyway, this time, we went to Thai Village for a simple dinner for four and we ordered the following dishes. If you’re here at Thai Village, you’re definitely here for their all-famous Claypot Sharks Fins Soup and hell yeah its freaking good.

Claypot Sharks Fins Soup

I personally love the Sharks Fins Soup here as the claypot keeps the thick fins and gravy just hot enough for tasting, which enables you to take your own sweet time to savor the soup slowly. Truthfully, I haven’t tasted any other Sharks Fins Soup that tastes better than the one served here.

Just look at the extremely thick fins and the fragrant chinese mushroom. 🙂
(PS. I can totally understand those of you who are saving the Sharks and against eating this delicacy. If you’re one of them please feel free to skip this dish.)

Claypot Chicken.

Its kinda hard to describe the taste of the chicken cause it tastes pretty special. Its a little bit more salty but you’ll still be able to taste the sweetness of the fresh chicken slices. Yummy!

Claypot Crab Vermicelli

Another must-order at Thai Village would be their Claypot Crab Vermicelli. I love vermicelli so this dish is always on my craving list from time to time . You’ll be able to taste the crab in the vermicelli and its also slowly cooked with some other spices and pork slices that are hidden at the bottom. My mum loves the pork slices so just in case you guys decide to try the dish, don’t forget to dig them out from the bottom of the pot!

Mayo and Wasabi Prawns

This is a very common dish that can be found in most Chinese restaurant nowadays but sad to say, theirs are not really fantastic. I’ve definitely tasted better, so you may want to order something else instead.

All in all I’ll say that they are pretty good with Claypot dishes since they are more specialized in that. I remember eating a Claypot Cod Fish the last time I visited this place and it was commendable too! Of course the price here is a little bit on the steeper side, but its definitely worth it to at least try them once, especially the Claypot Sharks Fins Soup. 🙂 I dare say that after eating their Sharks Fins Soup here, you’ll find the ones at other restaurants just ALRIGHT only. HAHA.

Thai Village Restaurant (Leisure Park)
5 Stadium Walk
#01-50 Leisure Park Kallang
Tel: 64876182

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