The Black-White Rule

(Top from Forever21, Skirt from Zara, Wedges from Nex, Bag from Charles and Keith and Watch from Baby G)

Black and white is gonna be a huge trend this summer and well, Im kinda happy with it since it gives me a safer alternative when choosing my outfits. No doubt clashing of colors can be very nice and trendy should it be done right, but there’s always the risk of looking atrociously mismatched. Also, being in Singapore where trends have limits, you’d not want to be the center of attention dressed like an elaborated christmas tree.

The fashion trend in Singapore is in fact very two-sided. Im always in the process of searching for balance in between both Taiwan and American trends. Girls in Taiwan seems to be more elaborated and more daring in their outfits, most probably due to them being just a foot behind Asia’s fashion trend leader, Tokyo (I assume), while American trends are more subtle and focuses more on cuts, style and beauty. Well, I’d say that Singaporeans have their own favorites and both sides have their own avid followers.

Anyway, the Charles and Keith bag is the latest new addition to my wardrobe and I just can’t emphasize more on my love for the black and gold combination after purchasing my Baby G watch last year. I really like the glimpse of shine embodied in the otherwise boring black piece. It cost me a little less than a hundred bucks so as compared to the other brands I own, its really more worth it.  Also, since its basic color is black, its pretty easy to match it up with other outfits. I’d expect myself to bring it out more often I guess. Oh well, don’t be afraid to reuse some items, Im not that rich to purchase new items everyday either. In fact, the black skirt was from Zara’s winter collection. You didn’t notice, did you?

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