Results for Safari Giftaway

Hey guys, would like to thank you guys for the enthusiastic participation! Thanks alot. I’ve read each and every email and its quite heartwarming to hear what you guys think about my blog. I understand that I’ve just moved the blog, so I guess the viewership of my blog is still in need of some building up.

Being a blogger is kinda lonely you know. I mean, Im writing and writing but theres hardly any comments but yet I am still able to see a rise in the number of readers. This would mean that I’ve got alot of silent readers. HAHA. Im not complaining~~~ Im still thankful for the number 🙂

Anyway, back to the gift away… HAHA, dear people, was it too difficult cause I’ve actually had NO correct answers!
The answer is as circled below. Take a look!

And so, theres no winner for this round unfortunately. To make everything fair, I’ve decided to snowball the presents into the next gift away! Once again, thank you all for your support! Check in often for more!

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