Ah Yat Set Meal

Hello peeps, I know many of you may shun my blog at these wee hours. HAH. After my MooKaTa post, I received feedback that the pictures posted here made you guys so hungry. Well, if you’re like that, then be prepared to feel hungry again with more mouthwatering pictures below!

As much as I love eating, I am someone who’s pretty particular about what I eat. I mean, no point wasting those calories on disgusting food right? Trust me, Im not a rich kid. The reason why I get to eat good food more than occasionally would be due to how my mum is EXTREMELY particular about how tasty the food she eats is. When I say extreme, I really mean extreme. She’s the type that will just leave the whole bowl of food there after tasting just one spoon of it and finding it not to her liking. HAHA, you know, in comparison, Im so much better. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve just recently ate at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant and we chanced upon their Fresh Yoshihama, Lobster and Bird’s Nest Set that in my view is SO good for value! I shan’t say too much so I’ll leave you guys to admire the pictures. 🙂

Fresh Yoshihama, Lobster and Bird’s Nest Set

Deep-fried Squid Roll and Toast Roll
Its something special but not too amazing. Just take it as an average appetizer.

Doubled-boiled Fish Maw w Snow Lotus
The soup was pretty tasty and flavorful. There’s a very big piece of Fish Maw and Snow Lotus.

Stewed Whole Fresh Abalone w Japanese Mushroom and Kale
And of course, if you visit the restaurant here then you’ll want to taste the stars of the restaurant, the abalones!
The abalone here tasted fresh and chewy enough. Not the same as those you eat from the cans k!

Deep Fried Fish Fillet w Honey Pepper
The unique sweet and sour sauce simply brought out the sweetness of the fish.

Baked Boston Lobster (Half) in Superior Stock
What else to say? Its a lobster!

Braised Ee-Fu Noodles
My childhood favorite. The noodles here tasted pretty good, not too salty but not too bland. Not too bad!

Doubled-boiled Bird’s Nest w Almond juice
Although there’s a bunch of good food in front but this dish would be my highlight.
I like how the almond tasted authentic cause I seriously hate those that tastes like essence and sugar.
Give me more!! The girl needs the whitening effect!

Peking Duck
Sorry guys, but this is not included in the set. If Im not wrong, the chef who prepared this dish is from Hongkong.
I thought that this dish was alright only. Its just you know to satisfy some cravings of mine.

Just to share, the whole meal only cost about $39++ per pax which I thought was pretty alright.
Although the portions may look small, but trust me, its satisfying enough.

Haiz, these food posts of mine just reminded  me of how much weight I need to lost.
Totally need to start my weight loss program. Getting so fat recently. ARGH.

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