Back to Basics

Just gave my hair a brand new color today. I don’t know if you do feel like me, but every time I do something to my hair, I feel like a new fresh beginning and I somehow find the empowerment to do better and strive harder for the things I wanna achieve.


Its a dark color I decided on this time round, something between black and dark brown.

Here’s my hairstylist, Louis Sia. I really appreciate how he really takes care of my hair and give me the best suggestions possible that suits my face without causing too much damage to my already-fragile-brittle-thin hair.

As you guys would have noticed by now, Im a highly changeable person and cant just simply stick to that one SAME thing for over two months. Thats right. I discovered that I’d do something to change my appearance every two months. MAX. HAHA, when everyone’s going for brighter and more colorful colors, I chose to dye my hair this monotonous color. Why you may ask? The thing is, I really don’t like to be the same as everyone…. Just kidding. Its more of trying to find the person I really wanna be I guess. True, when you were younger, you’d always wanna be in the limelight and be the outstanding one. Now, I think I just wanna be me. I don’t want to attract the kind of attention that are not meant to be anymore. Id rather just (dead bored) still be ME.

I’ve received comments recently on how I look so different, especially with the short dark colored hair and along with my choice of dressing. Everyone has to grow up some day I guess. I don think I’d want to wear those pom pom skirts or princess stuff anymore. Definitely, a year or two ago, I just hopelessly lived in my fairy-tale world. Time to enter and start embracing realism instead of running away.

Over time, many things have changed and that includes of how I think, how I behave and even what I think of you. There were times when we enjoyed each other’s companion. Thats true, don’t doubt it and yes my dear, we will still remember it as the memories were deeply etched in our hearts. How we cried, how we laughed, how we hurt each other but yet its time to grow up. Let the past remain as the past and we’ll walk bravely into the future. Let us learn how to forget and start afresh. Its not because of me, but rather, you know that you deserve so much better. Its ok, we’ll be fine. You’ll forever be a part of me. Perhaps, I might just go back to you at times of weakness but we’ll learn how to be happily independent again. You can do it my dear. Keep trying cause you can.

Anyway heres the address to Louis’ salon.. Although its small and neighborhood but HEY, who cares, its the end-product that matters yo.

Extreme Look Salon
237 Serangoon Ave 3
#01-118 S550237

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