Safe Haven.

Other than being very into reading fashion magazines, I love watching movies too. Therefore, yes, please expect my blog to be flooded with either food reviews or otherwise, movie reviews. Days when I’m off, its really more of spending money and watching movies to learn from others’ acting. Today, it was Safe Haven. Oh, before that, here’s a picture of the OOTD.

I think the movie has been aired for quite some time but it was till now that I had the time to catch it finally. I remember watching the trailer when I watched Journey to the West and I was like… OMG. I have to watch this. Im glad that it didn’t turn out as a disappointment. Despite romance stories being so ever cliche, like the normal he likes her, she loves him bla bla, Safe Haven turned out different, well, perhaps similar but with a slight twist and some suspense. Oh, there’s some intimate scenes too.

So, a little intro about the story (Spoiler ALERT). The story is about this girl, who in the beginning of the movie left her house and was running away from the police. Turns out that she was a murder suspect and she had to flee. After she got on the bus, she arrived at a stop point after traveling some distance and liking the place she’s arrived at, she decided to stay there. Well, she managed to throw off the police who was at her trail for awhile and during this period, she fell in love with the place and with this guy. At the start, she wanted to keep her distance from him, but with some help from a friend, she slowly opened herself up and learned to trust the people around her. After being somewhat emotionally attached to the guy, the police found some clues and arrived in the town looking for her. Things got a little bit more exciting at this point. Since the part when she was with the guy was filled with A WHOLE LOT OF ROMANCE, the change of events here took the whole film to a higher level. Ending? You watch yourself. HAHA. All I can say is that its pretty interesting.

If you’re someone who likes romance then this is kind of a good show to watch with your boy. Its really cute how they got to know each other and in the end fell in love. I’d give the movie a 4/5. Though so, Im not really clear about how the story ended cause there was a twist. Perhaps you guys could watch it and let me know whether the mother actually existed. 🙂

After the movie, I went for supper with some of my TP friends. Cant believe it but I’ve actually graduated for a year already. (OMG. I FEEL SO OLD!!) Everyone’s been so busy with their lives after graduation that we hardly have the time to meet up. I feel like my friends are leaving me one by one since some of them are overseas and the guys are in army!! SAD! T.T Haiz.

Had to meet up ASAP as Jon’s going India for army training. HAH. He’d probably look freaking different after 5 weeks. 

Ok, I seriously need to motivate myself to spend more effort on my blog now that I compare my blog with others. 😛 I know Im freaking slack, but still, thanks so much for even following my posts. I hope to share more exiting stuff with you guys soon! Nights.

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