Ah Boys to Men Lunar New Year Luncheon

Hello peeps, sorry this is kinda belated but oh well, I know you guys will love the pictures so here’s them! The luncheon happened on Wednesday. It was held in celebration of CNY and secondly to celebrate the fact that AhBoystoMen2 has officially topped the charts, overtook ABTM 1 and is now the top grossing local movie of all time. I think we’ve got to really thank everyone for their tremendous support in local movies this new year. Although Mayoki is just a very minor character in the show but still, Im glad that Im part of this “history-making” movie.

Outfit of the day. Something very simple. 

This is my Nth time eating Yusheng this new year but its still awesome! Look at the salmon fish slices that were placed neatly like a rose.. Pretty..
Many of the crew that worked with us during filming were there too. It was good seeing them again although I do feel kinda paiseh as there were many funny occasions during filming and they just reminded me of them.. HEE. There were some sponsors and reporters there as well! But of course, standing in the limelight – THEBOYS.
No need to do any introduction anymore right? Enjoy.. 

Noah Yap.
The boys were so busy going around the tables that I felt fortunate to have been able to catch them for a pic or two and they hated my camera filter cause it made them look less manly. HAHA.
 Here’s with the ah ma in the show.. aka.. LAOCHABOR. Ah ma likes the filter though.. Made her look younger and without wrinkles hor?
 The AhBeng that Mayoki ran off with. 😦 

Posing for the camera! 

Its kinda sad but after the filming, life goes on and we move on with our individual lives. Unless theres a chance to work together again, this might be goodbye for quite a long while. I guess thats the life of an actor – We work closely with that many people but there’s always a time to part. Though so, it has been confirmed that there would be a AH BOYS TO MEN PART 3 so congrats to all you fans out there! I’ve no idea how the storyline will go one from here though so lets just stay tuned and stay excited.
Its freaking late and Ive been ultra busy this CNY. Work, work, work and sometimes even morning till night so Im keeping this post short and sweet. Hope you guys had a good new year! Nights nights! 

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