Journey to the West – 4.5 Stars

Hello peeps, I just caught the Journey to the West movie by Stephen Chow and I thought that it was so good that I should recommend this movie to you guys. Of course, please still keep Ah Boys to Men 2 as your priority..  

So, just to give you guys a brief introduction to the movie, its very much based on one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature with the same name. Many of us should be more familiar with the part where the monk starts his journey to get his scriptures but this movie shows you how he got to know his disciples and converted them from demon to followers of the Buddha. Although that being said, Im sure most of the plot is made up ya. The reason why Im awed by the movie is the way they tied in different factors of a movie together bringing the audiences’ emotions on a roller-coaster ride. Why? Well, this movie consists of comedy, action and romance, 3-in-one. The links in the movie flows smoothly without any abrupt change and Stephen also used CGI to enhance his films. To me, the CGI faired alright, pretty watchable. The start of the movie was more like a thriller and it ended with a romance story with comedic parts being sandwiched between. Be ready for an adventure with Stephen Chow along with the great acting skills by the main cast. 🙂

In this movie, Shu Qi plays the female demon-catcher, Ms Duan and falls in love with the main character, the monk, played by Wen Zhang. Of course, the story revolves around them going around to capture the demons but the monk had another belief that a kind heart still remains in the demon and he doesn’t want to kill them while Shu Qi just wants to finish them off quick for the bounty. They cross paths right at the start of the story and the story continues on with Shu Qi saving him at several occasions and confessing her love for him. Although so, the monk held strictly to his principles that he doesn’t love her and will not forsake his big dream of saving the world to be with her despite him feeling the direct opposite at heart. Its quite a sad story for in the end, the lovers wasn’t fated to be together. Shall not spoil too much here but I nearly cried at the ending. 

I personally think that Shu Qi, Wen Zhang and Huang Bo (casted as Sun Wu Kong) did a good job in the movie. Shu Qi’s crying scenes are simply too natural, like fabulous and duh no wonder I idolize her. Wen Zhang did his crying scenes and comical scenes well too. However, I would say that Huang Bo had the hardest job of all three. Being currently in acting classes, I learnt how difficult it is to do characterizations for the different types of people and characters. I felt that he did a good job portraying a half-monkey-half-man kind of role. His small actions and the way he spoke made his character very convincing. Kudos to that. I’ve watched this movie twice already and am still not bored of it, rather Im kinda learning from it. Shows how nice it is. Every time Stephen Chow does a movie, there’s always high praises for it. Journey to the West is no different. 🙂

Here’s to show you a little bit of ShuQi’s part in the show where she did some singing and dancing. 
The theme song of the movie: 一生所爱

And the trailer:

Nights peeps.. Enjoy your week!

PS: If you do watch this movie after reading the review, leave a comment and let me know how you felt k?

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