Chinese New Snake Year 2013

Ok, CNY has got to be one of my favorite festive season as its totally about getting money, visiting long-time-no-see family and gambling! Im not really a fan of the food (crackers,cakes etc) although I do enjoy abalones a lot! Other than the above mentioned, other than the seventh month, CNY ranks the second in the amount of shows island-wide which means KACHINGGG. Yeps, I was working on the eve, first and third day of the lunar new year which left me with only the second day of new year for visiting. Oh yea, I din even had the time to buy new clothes and I had no option but to make do with some last minute buys from 313 at 10pm the night before new year’s eve. 🙂

New Year’s Eve

During New Year’s Eve, I had a quick reunion dinner with my family and proceeded down to the most bustling area in Singapore that night – Chinatown for work and countdown. I wasn’t on the Mediacorp one, just in case you thought you missed me, I was at the stage in front of the temple. Both sides were having countdown and yes there was a huge crowd. I was decked in my very very very traditional Chinesey clothes. Aiya, its new year, don’t judge. HAHA.

After singing, I changed out of the performance outfit and ran to Mediacorp’s stage just so I could catch a glimpse of the fireworks and firecrackers. Sadly though, the area was so congested and I wasn’t able to get close enough to see anything. SAD. 
My first photo in the Snake Year. 
Well, if you hadn’t been to Chinatown for the countdown before, other than it being extremely packed, all lunar new year goodies’ stall vendor would go into a discount frenzy after 12.

 Walking along the road, admiring the light after work.

 The snake box in Chinatown.

 Wishing Tree.

I went on walking till I reached a non-crowded Mcdonald. Had my dinner and then I went home.

First Day of CNY 

The first day of CNY was a rest day for me. Im really jealous of those who are able to do visiting everyday. Mine were all squeezed into one. Either that, or I really don’t have that many friendly relatives. HAHA. I woke up somewhat in the afternoon and then my mum and I went for a movie. We watched “Journey to the West”, very nice show (review up soon). Of course, not forgetting my first Angpows from my parents… Even Bailey got some red packets to…. and naturally, like all stories go, THESE ANGPOWS EVENTUALLY belongs to MOI! MWAHAHA
Bailey with her very own Angpow! Woof!
Bailey embracing the snake year 🙂
Hug Hug!

Second Day of CNY 

Second day of CNY was the actual day that I went visiting. All in all I visited a total of four places that day. Starting from my mum’s distant relatives in the morning, my dad’s family, my dad’s distant relatives then my Godma’s. I feel kinda shy when I go visiting cause now my relatives would be all “Wa, you’re in the movie right! I got watch. I bought the DVD for part one, got tickets for part two not??” Sorry, but nadaa, I do not have free tickets, but still, am so shocked by the support and sudden extra attention.

Out early in the morning..
Camwhore in the car..
 Me and my cousin, Jasmine!
Cousins from my mum’s side. 
After a short hanging out over here, my mum brought me to my Grandfather’s house and here comes more Angpows! HAHA and then after lunch, its gambling time! 
Playing Banluck.. but I always got no luck! T.T 
The gambling lasted a short while and we were on our way to the next relative’s house. Over here I met two of my distant cousins who were fans of ABTM and they asked me to take pics with them. HAHA. My dear, Im just a small actress but oh well, I have a weak spot for Angmohs… LOL. Yes, Im secretly semi-SPG. 
My distant Angmoh cousin. ^^ PS, please ignore my cui hair and face after the whole busy morning.
Next, I went to my Godma’s house to find my three other jiejies. When I was young and my parents were busy working, I sort of lived with them for like 2-3 years as a toddler. As such, Im pretty close to them and although its been years since we’ve all gone our separate ways, but we always try to meet up during important dates like CNY. 🙂 Its really cool how we’ve all grown up and they’ve gotten married and one of them’s even gonna be a mum soon. SO TOUCHING. HEHE. I love you all jies.
Had a short mahjong and cards gambling session with them and their extended family. Its like despite being not related by blood, we’re still like sisters and its hardly weird hanging out with their families cause they know me quite well too. 🙂 Having another loving family rawks since Im an only child and life has been so lonely and boring. Nice to know that I still have them around.. 
Oh and out of my whole life, this is the year that I’ve collected the most Angpows within the two days.
A total of 50 Angpows at the amount of $808. Amazing right? Ya, its like not like FREAKING alot kind but I feel so loved and blessed though.
Third Day of CNY

On the third day of CNY, its all about work. During the night, I hosted a CNY show at Choa Chu Kang CC. Actually I do enjoy hosting events, especial Chinese New Year ones cause its really a happy sight to see the different generations sit together and enjoy the meal together as one. In this busy society, its these little things that are worth treasuring. I admit Im not a very good host, still learning but I’ll try my best to give you guys the best entertainment. PS. Im actually very nervous on stage. HAHA.

With another artiste. 

 Notice the huge crowd at the back. 
 The pretty veteran in the industry.
The girl who’s very unfortunately
 with me every countdown 😛 but Im sure she secretly loves my companion. HAHA. JK.
Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year. I sincerely thank everyone for even reading my blog or searching for me or adding me on FB and all. 🙂 Please know that you are appreciated. Hope that the new year will be a new beginning for all and that you all may soar to greater heights in this prosperous Snake Year 2013 🙂 大家一起加油吧! 
Oh and before I end let me reply to some of the comments left. (Yes, I do read them! So if you’ve anything to ask or say or would like me to do, feel free to leave a comment!)
To anonymous – Ipman is only my boyfriend in the show. Im single off screen. haha.

To Raymond – Thank you so much for the long long comment 🙂 Appreciate it! Thank you for being an avid reader of my blog and also taking notice of my youtube videos and the words being shared here. Yeps, start small aim big. Thank you for your encouragement! I will jiayou and hopefully I’ll be able to do more shows and be more active in the industry 🙂

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