Ah Boys to Men – Mayoki

Hello peeps, its been awhile since I’ve updated cause Im in the midst of doing some planning and at the same time, you know, trying to figure out some stuff in life. Anyway, its gonna be CNY soon so its gonna get busy and here’s me wishing you guys a happy lunar new year ahead! Just in case you’ve not known, ABTM2 is already showing in all cinemas. Do remember to catch it out during the lunar break since its a good movie which you can watch with your family members during this festive season.

The title of the blog post says a lot about what Im gonna include in this post, so here I am, just to share some treasured moments and backstage scenes. Firstly, I would like to start by thanking the many of you who are following my twitter, blog, Facebook and instagram.  Although its not like ALOT, but I do really appreciate them, everyone of them, not lying. I expected my blog viewership to have dropped to zero since its been long since I last posted and the last post being in chinese, but its still maintaining, to my surprise, thus, here’s a BIG THANK YOU and LOADS OF LOVE from me to you! 🙂 Next, I’d like to thank those who took note of this minor character, Mayoki, in this very much men-based movie. Im kinda shocked when people say “Ah boys to men!” suddenly when they see me. Thank you. Oh right, most of the viewers here came through google, which means that you guys have been searching for this girl! Although its just a small character, Im elated that you guys kinda gave her some recognition. TYVM.

I attended the gala last wednesday and watched the movie on the big screen. In fact, I watched it twice already… I would say that my acting wasn’t all that great but I’ll try harder to improve myself further so that Im able to be more into-character. Yea, Im not that pretty, not that great, but who says a girl cant dream? Start small. Aim big. That shall be my life statement for now. Oh! Just to add, for the last time, I AM NOT AH LIAN 😥  Stop stereotyping! HAHA.

With the twin sisters.. Sisi and Jia Jia.

With the aaron tan in the movie, Ben.
(Didn’t have time to take pics with the boys since they were all so bz..)
And now, let me share with you some interesting stuff, my experience in ABTM. 
(back and front in my view la..)
1. Director Jack is in fact quite nice tempered! 
I don’t know why but when most people see me and ask me about my experience in acting in this Jack Neo’s movie, most asked me if he’s fierce or not. Well, to me, not really. Although I would say that he is someone with expectations (of course..) but he gives chances to newbies and has quite a high level of tolerance. He’d be quite patient to teach. Its something like “Mayoki, you do this this this and I give you three takes.” HAHA. I really like the way he direct cause it makes me feel challenged and makes me wanna do better. 
2. The only ONE boy that I’ve not acted with… 
Well well, if you actually look carefully, Mayoki has in fact never met Sergeant Ong face to face at all! HAHA. Mayoki met Ipman during the bed scene in Ep 1; met Wayang when sending her bf off to Tekong at the ferry terminal; met Lobang when he threw shit at me and at the ferry terminal… but no..  no Sergeant Ong! Its no wonder I find Tosh more distant amongst the boys.. I’ve not actually acted with him despite seeing him around.
3. My house and Ken’s house is actually the same house.
Kinda funny, but in fact all our indoor scenes were filmed in the same house, except for Noah’s bed scene in ABTM1. The dining scene, the living room scene used for Ken is at the first level while my bathtub scene, Qiuqiu’s room, my room and Ken’s room were at the second level. Cool hor? 
4. Was the scene in the bathtub real?
In fact, it is and LOL, its the first time I actually kissed a guy. OMG. Weird. Was feeling kinda very nervous and paiseh, being you know at such a close distance with a half naked guy in the bathtub. A lot of my friends commented that they should have gotten a cooler guy but dearies, kissing him has gotta be better than doing any intimate scenes with Steven Lim right??? Haiz, now Im very jealous of that Jae girl casted in Michelle Chong’s new movie since she gets to have some intimate scenes with either hunks. TSK. Jealous. 
5. What was the stuff that they threw at you?
Definitely dearies, its not real shit. If they ever did, I don’t think I can take it.. but then again, I don’t think they can get that much shit unless they took laxatives. Ok.. So what was it made of…. And…. TADAA. Its made of chocolate mix with banana, chili sauce, water and chili padi. The amazing thing was that there was not bathing place so I could only wash away the goo quickly after filming and went for my singing gig. Fact: I didn’t dare eat chocolate for the next three months.
6. How many packets of that ‘goo’ were thrown at you?
HAHA, I’d say about 70+++? I’ll never forget how Jack said, “Mayoki, I give you one take, close up, must do the expression properly cause this shot cannot NG.” Funny thing was, the first time the crew threw the ‘bomb’, it didn’t explode/burst, so it ended up with a piak on my face, kinda hurt and we had to do it again. In the end, they resorted to snipping the ends of the plastic so that the ‘goo’ will flow. Although it was a short scene being shown on screen, but with every NG of my dearest Aaron Tan came 10+ more packets of shit. I remember myself telling him to stop NGing. Wanted to cry seriously, cause the chili padi was… IRRITATING. Oh, just to add, the car IS one of the crew’s car. Poor car man, covered with chocolate and other stuff. GROSS MUCH. I wonder if the car still smells of chocolate.
7. So what happened to Mayoki and the Ah Beng?
HAHA, I saw this question on a tweet by Ben after he watched the show in a cinema and heard some people giving that comment. Wow. Firstly, thanks for even caring where we disappeared too but when I first heard this I was like, what kind of statement would make you guys happy? That they got AIDS or the Ah Beng go prison for fighting so we broke up since I 不堪寂寞。JK!
8.Who would Mayoki be with should there be a ABTM 3 and she’s part of it. 
Hmm, if I were to continue to develop the story, it would be something like Mayoki pleading to go back to Ipman cause she realized that she really love him a lot which indefinitely meant that she’s just too bored when her bf is in Tekong.
9. Which boy is closer to the kind of ideal guy I personally like?
OMG. Shy… but the answer would be Joshua AKA Ken. And no, Im not gonna go deeper other than saying he’s good looking, he’s got the kind of body-build I prefer and he’s quite gentlemen, real life. 🙂 

10. So what’s after ABTM?
I know that the boys are getting very popular and busy but as for me, Im still working hard here. So its still pretty much singing, hosting and doing some small roles for Mediacorp shows. Although so, Im currently planning for some YouTube videos. Its ok, every small step is a step. Start small. Aim big.

Anyway, my blog is by far the most inactive social media out of the four. Thus, if you’d like to know more about me you can in fact follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook instead. Once again, would like to extend my gratitude to Jack for giving me this opportunity. Its been a great experience! Also, I’d like to thank those new followers and new adds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for being interested in a normal girl like me. 🙂

Time to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Ah Boys to Men – Mayoki

  1. Hi I just got to know you thru ABTM..saw ur face rather familiar,but couldn't remember where I saw u before..maybe in some show or ad?haha..but nvm..I guess after this show,it will add on to your popularity..although your character is small in ABTM,but u successfully capture the attention of many..many of my friends wanted to know more about you,and to my surprise you are superb talented..like what most ppl say that ah lian, after viewing your Facebook and blog, u r no longer that ah lian in most of my friends mind..haha..haven got the chance to catch your live singing..hope can do so in real life..your song in YouTube is kinda of sweet and also can be quite rock!!! Hahaha..today is chu si Ye..have lots of fun and loves with your family and friends..hopes u can gain loads and loads of popularity and make It big some days..and u will I believe!!!!start small, aim big should be my this coming year slogan..Thank you very much for sharing your slogan..remember to update your blog more to keep your fans coming in..will camp here to wait for your update..jia u jia u Jia U!!! =)

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