Blogshop Modelling and Acting with GF.

Two-oh-one-three is a year to fly high. Its really time to take some time to you know, really go polish myself and improve in the different skills I need.

Yesterday, me and GF, Ivy helped out and did a photoshoot for a fellow friend’s blogshop. Had a great time with her and its really cool to have someone like your twin. I don’t know why, but we share quite a number of similarities and its just very comfortable with her around. 🙂 Below are some of the pics 🙂

And today, we went for our first acting class at Chinatown. I’ve got to say that it was awesome, educational and fun at the same time. I really like how the lesson was conducted and its so fun. Im right now all the more sure that acting is something I really enjoy!~ My Gf’s also a born-actress. Its so much fun watching each other act :).
Hopefully, by the end of the class, I’d be able to achieve what I’ve always wanted, to be able to act well and to enjoy the process at the same time. So looking forward to class every wednesday with this girl.

OMG, we’re almost together everyday…. 


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