First trip of the year

Hello people, am just back from a Star Cruise performance trip. Yeps, on the fourth day of the new year, I got the opportunity to perform on board which also made this trip my first vacation of the year. The previous event’s performance was held at the main lobby but due to this being a private function, it was in a ballroom. The setting was really nice too and it was an appreciation dinner for the VIPs of the star cruise. And this time… I got the Balcony room!! 🙂 I needa show some love, so heres some sharing!

 Before leaving…
Its really a nice view, being in the midst of the ocean. Ever since young, I’ve always liked the sea so its really awesome to have a room as such! 

 Although its not very big, but its comfortable, kinda like a small hotel room..

Getting ready for performance!

After boarding for 2 hours, it was time for the show so we proceeded to Bella Vista where the dinner was held. It was quite a big crowd and we had to be on stage and keep the program running for almost one and a half hours.. Kinda stressful.

All ready-up!

  Having a great time with the crowd.
 Singing… I dunno how to look glam when singing. HAIZ.
The other time, my partner was Jialing and this time, its Jennifer Lee 🙂
The performance went on for near two hours and we sang songs in Mandarin, English, Hokkien and Cantonese. 

Although its my second time on the ship, but being with the different fun people just makes the trip so ever amazing. In this line, its really kinda hard to really find time for bonding and well, being trapped on the ship craft in the middle of the ocean is kind of a good time for it.

And so, how to have fun on a cruise…..
Here’s the manual…

Rule Number 1 – MAHJONG is a NEED, not WANT.

I cant believe it but I cleared my whole tray of chips cause I kept shooting for people who max. ARGHHHHH!


This is theirs. I didn’t drink as much as I had to be clear headed in mahjong right? Without alcohol = clear tray, with alcohol, I would have just jumped into the sea la.

 A drinking place at the upper deck of the ship.


Me, Zandra and Vivi (I like her name cause its the name of the fashion magazine.. sounds so fashionable)
Jessica, the coolest singer/mum ya?

This is not our drinks but it just looks super cool. HAHA
Number 3 – GOOD FOOD!
HAHA after a night of work and you know being on a semi-pleasure trip, good food is just so rewarding! 🙂 And so we spent a huge amount on Jap Food~~ 
 My soft shell crab with ramen.

Awesome sushi! (we had sashimi too but I got too eager to eat it and forgot to take pictures! :P) 

 More crabs 🙂




 Da people grabbing da food! 

 Jessica’s enormous portion of beef!
 She said that its good.

 See her face!

Actually we had more than that, but I was too busy gobbling up my food to snap more shots haha. 
And last but not least, for the ultimate fun trip, you need da coolest people to be with ya!! 🙂

Totally looking forward to my next hols~~~~~

HAHA she look very sexy here hor! 🙂
Ok, finally done…

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