Its the new year.

I have no exact idea why but on the first day of 2013, Im just feeling you know, not that happy. Somehow, it feels like its gonna be just another year. I think its probably cause I’m hitting 21 this year that theres just this sudden feel that time’s running out. I have only that many years left to work hard and achieve the stuff I wanna achieve. Although it may seem that things might just start taking a turn but I just feel so inadequate. Whats wrong with me?

Everytime.. Everytime during this kind of countdown I feel more anxiety than excitement. Que Sera, Sera, what will be will be.. Why is it so hard not to think?

Well, so as to push myself on, I definitely need my 2013 new year resolutions. I think I had resolutions too for the past years but forgot about them as life goes on. This blog shall serve as my reminder then… How many ten years do we have in our lifetime? Really, time to wake up! No more time to waste.


With resolutions comes time for reflections too. What was achieved in 2012? How was your 2012?

My 2012 has been what I would consider a year full of lessons and reality. Its really a wake-up call and a time for maturity. In 2012, I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Mass Communications Diploma. That was in April. After graduation, it was time for decisions to be made, in regards to further advancements in education or career. During this period, its when you’re like a blur sheep, not knowing what the future holds and need to take control of your very own life and start deciding for yourselves the path to take. Also, its when you’ve no school when you realize how hard it is to maintain friendships. After this, its clear who’re your true friends and who’re not.

Career wise, 2012 was not a bad year, not extremely good either but its only right that I learn to count my blessings. I started out as a lowly small singer. In 2012, I see myself making breakthroughs in starting hosting as a career option. Although it was not easy, but its the pushing and criticisms that made me wanna succeed so badly. Other than hosting, another career that I advanced into would be acting. 2012’s an important year as I was extremely lucky to be casted as one of the female cast in the movie Ah Boys to Men. It was a great acting experience and I’ve learnt only SO much. Also, with the participation in Let’s Talk a few years back, it was heartening when I received a call from 360 productions to help out with one of their show. Although it was not some major role or not even considered as the second lead, but it was still exposure right? Should be thankful already.

In 2012, I became very into blogging, after being inspired by Tricia Goh, a famous Philippines fashion blogger. I started being more fashion conscious. Having watched that many episodes of Kang Xi, read that many ViVi magazines, I started being very interested in LookBook and thus started my blog. Also, I started developing my own YouTube channel since social media is really everything that matters now.

2012 was a year where I started chasing after my dreams with the finishing of school education. I paid more attention to the acting part when Im watching shows, tried hard to improve my singing and talking. Also, I started my driving lessons (Though I seriously hate and suck at them).

Social wise, 2012 was a big year of change. This year, my mum decided to do a career change and started out her seafood restaurant, Ming Kee Live Seafood. Although she’s been doing very well but Im very much aware of the kind of problems that she face everyday. 2012 has also been a turbulent year for my God dad and God ma, with them facing some massive personal problems. Being just you know, a youngster, there was little I could help other than showing occasional concerns once in awhile. Though so, something that I am extremely joyful about that happened this year would be the fact that I had two new God-sisters, the twins, and had Marcus Chin as a God dad too. There’s something about this different family that brings along that much comfort and warmth. 🙂 Love you guys. Other than the above mentioned, 2012 has also been a year of forging valuable friendships. Its definitely good knowing that there are people who cares or bothers about you.

The past has made me think hard about what I really want to achieve in 2013. 2013 will be a year of stress, the kind of stress which comes along with hard work, persistence, determination and daring to dream and achieve. That shall be my motto in 2013.

And with that, on to my new year resolutions.


In YEAR 2013, Sherraine Law will try to achieve the mentioned below with hard work, persistence, determination and courage.

1. Get my driving license by June
2. To keep to my ideal weight of at most 45kg (which will only happens with enough discipline)
3. To pay more attention to my own image and outer looks
4. Achieve a daily read of at least 1000 viewers every day on my blog by the end of 2013
5. To put in more effort in improving my singing, dancing, hosting and acting skills.
6. Clinch a lead role for at least 3 TV/Movie productions
7. To achieve a Youtube viewership of at least 10k by end of 2013
8. To increase Twitter followers to at least 500 pax by end of 2013
9. To save more than 15k by the end of 2013
10. Get more known in the various industries and get exposure to the various jobs in it
11. To be a more independent and responsible individual
12. To be a nicer, more caring friend to others
13. To not take people’s goodness for granted
14. To not be afraid to keep dreaming and believing
15. To be more confident and mature on stage and off stage
16. To learn to love and accept love
17. To be more involved in the media industry be it in whatever sense
18. To be fairer/whiter than now
19. To have a wonderful 21st bday party 11 months from now, making memories worth keeping
20. To be less emotional and a happier individual
21. To contribute to society whenever I can so that when or just in case I die, I would have left something of good behind

The above would be what I would want myself to achieve in 2013. That being said, Sherraine will spend no moment wasting time away every now and then. Time to grasp hold of chances and opportunities to learn, improve and succeed.

🙂 Happy 2013 every one.
May all your dreams and wishes come true.


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