New Hair for the New Year

Lets start counting down to 2013! Finally, its the last Sunday of 2012, last weekend, are you guys ready to be victors of the new year too? Every time during this period of the year, I feel a little bit dejected and afraid. Sometimes, I do think that I could have done more or achieved more this year, in which I failed to do so. Im sure a lot of you feel this way too. Oh well, I guess its just human nature to you know, look back and regret ya? 🙂
So how are you getting ready for the year ahead? Im actually feeling kinda nervous though, advancing into the new year. Finally turning 21 in year 2013. HAHA. Frankly, Im kinda stressed up although happy too that Im finally gonna be of the official age. But then, with great power comes great responsibility.. With great freedom comes that too….
Anyway, I really want to start the new year with something different, wanna start anew so I decided that maybe I should first do something to my hair. Thus, I went for a hair dye at Extreme Look Salon.
Im a very fickle girl and I can hardly stand the same hairstyle for more than 2 months. As such, the salon I visit must be one that I can trust. Since I change my hairstyle a lot, the products being used and how they treat my hair has become something that Im very particular about. Also, Im very scared of a ruined haircut and I have alot of ideas of my own. With this, I would expect my hairdresser to be capable of giving me the end product that I have envisioned and Louis, my appointed hairdresser seldom fails me 🙂
Dyeing my hair only cause my hair’s too short to do anything else.. 😦
Anxiously waiting for the result! Oh yea, just to share, cause my hair is already very brittle and thin after the continuously application of various chemicals from time to time, there was actually smoke when they placed the dye on my hair. HAHA. They were totally shocked. The chemical reaction was that fast and within like what 20-30mins, my hair caught the dye. Thats kinda fast and they were very concerned about my hair and had to check like every minute to ensure everything was ok. 
Louis suggested that I do a treatment to protect my hair. Another 1 hour wait.. Zzzzz.
This was what I wanted and showed Louis. I wanted the gradient effect, from a darker color to a lighter one. This is kinda hard as it needs time precision and needs the colors to be matchable too. Due to my hair condition, Louis refused to bleach my hair to that bright a color so I had to just make do with what was possible. 

 The end product which Im quite happy with! I got very sick of the monotonous color I had and thus I thought of this. Brown’s gonna be a “in” color in 2013 too 🙂 What you think?

Here’s a picture of me and Louis 🙂 He always tries his best to give me what I want with the least damage done to my hair. Kudos to him!

 Camwhore at home!

Can you see the difference in the colors and the gradual gradient?

All-ready for 2013!

Lets jiayou together oh~~~~ 
🙂 Smiles.
Extreme Look Salon
237 Serangoon Ave 3
#01-118 S550237

One thought on “New Hair for the New Year

  1. The past no longer exists, except in our memories. It is the present and future that matter. Those are the words of wisdom that I try (usually unsuccessfully) to live by.

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