Penang Food Fair AGAIN!

Hi guys, how have you guys been doing?
Anyway, Im here to introduce you guys to some good food again!
Yea, despite me having continuously proclaim that I WANNA LOSE WEIGHT, I’m still a pig when it comes to food that are like worth my calories intake. Its always a give and take when it comes to weight management isn’t it? Today eat more, tomorrow eat less, the day after pig again. HAHA. 
This is not a sponsored advert so, whatever I’m saying here is totally my own opinion :).
Ok, as a small girl, my mum has always brought me to this food fair that is held thrice every year at York Hotel, which is located just beside Far East Plaza. I remember how I used to wear my uniform there, having just ended school and visiting the place for lunch. I’ve dined at this place so often that the cashier remembers me.. GAWD.. Anyway, Penang Food Fair @ York Hotel features only the best hawker food that are available at Penang. Its at about $30++ per pax and its extremely popular, so if you think of trying it out after reading this post, remember to do reservations ya?
Hungry girl having not ate anything the whole day so as to gobble down all the food here! 
See… still ever crowded…
Well, they call it a Food Fair but its actually very much like a buffet, so its really a eat-all-you-can kind of concept. Of course, you’ll still have to queue. The wait for some food can add up to about 10 mins or so for some stalls especially when the place is packed. Don’t say I haven’t warned you! Oh yea, you’ve got to take the food yourself one by one so, its a lot of walking around!
And here comes the food!! 🙂
 This is my childhood favorite! Prawn Noodles/BeeHoon Soup. I’ve no idea why but their prawn beehoon just tastes different from the SG kind and the chili is awesome! 🙂 I think its the chili that makes the difference. So if you’re into spicy stuff like me, this would be good! I think the broth is more pork flavored rather than the black black prawn kind. Yummy.

 Char Kuey Teow!! See how its different from the SG sweet sweet kind. This is what char kuey teow should taste like man! The “wok” smell is just right for this dish and its not very oily. PS: theres always a long queue here! 

 Orh Lua!! My all-time favorite orh lua is from here, reason being that its NOT OILY at all! I think the cook like steamed it instead of frying? Its hardly oily, theres no oil smell, just the simple taste of the oyster, eggs and starch. HAHA I ate 3 plates of this! 

 Penang Laksa. Im personally not a fan or Penang Laksa dishes as its made of sardine and I think some fishy soup base. For the past years, I haven’t dared to eat this because I hate sardines. I tried this dish this year, just a scoop, and well, its kind of sweet, sour and spicy. An improvement made this year for this dish would be the fact that its not that fishy anymore, so I must say, you should give it a try, for a change.

 This is called Lor Bak. Its something like fried tempura items in a special sweet sauce. Nothing like this can be found in singapore and its actually quite special. It tastes good and its something unique!

 Fishball Kuey Teow soup. Seriously, after tasting the food from here, Im judging Singapore’s food! HAHA. Its a wonder how their soup is sweet and nice-smelling without it being greasy. Singapore’s fish ball noodles are either too plain-tasting or too MSG-ed. This is no doubt better!
 Cuttlefish and KangKong. Okay, this dish, I don’t really like. I think its weird tasting vegetables and cuttlefishes in sweet rojak sauce so.. NAH. Not for me.. SKIP.
Rojak. Fruits and sweet sauce – still ok la.. My mum likes these though as the fruits they use aren’t the same as those that are found in our own rojak. My mum especially love the not-so-ripe mangoes and jumbos. For me, I think its alright only. Don’t really fancy.
And.. one of my ever-favourite dish would be these Mee Chiang Kuehs! Don’t look down on these plain-looking fellows cause they are so awesome that I always tried da-baoing them when I was young.  I even thought of bringing a plastic container to put them in.. HAHA. I didn’t la.. the most I did as a small girl was to role the three of them in tissues and take them out. HAHA. They come in peanuts and butter flavors but for myself, I prefer them sugar-plain. 
 Like yummy only!! I can eat this everyday, no joke. The pancakes’ just enough crispy, sweet and yummy. AWESOME..

 Last but not least, theres the desserts stall where they provide Ice-kachangs. They offer ice balls too if requested! Plain pink ice balls haha, like so ME!
The pictures of the food there looks super tempting right?? HAHA. Well, if you’re interested, the Penang Food Fair’s only available in Singapore mainly during the school holiday breaks. Something like June/Dec period? Im not too sure cause I just visit when I get their postcard to remind me that they’re here. Anyway, although I really love the food, some might feel that the price’s too high to eat food that can be found in Hawker Centres. Hmm, in the end I guess its really up to individual to see if its worth the cost as for me and my mum, we’re very particular about quality and to me, I’d rather eat something worth the calories right? Cant get fat for nothing! Money? Cost? Whatever…. HAHA not that important! 

White Rose Cafe

21 Mount Elizabeth
York Hotel Singapore
Tel: 67370511

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