Happy Fann Girl

22/12/2012. I swear I will remember this date.

A day after what was supposed to be the “world-end” date (oh well, it didn’t happen, the movie 2012 has become a joke). But I’m sure glad that the world didn’t end yesterday cause today Sherraine Law is such a HAPPY GIRL! HAHA, I am so happy that the world can end now. Tell you why later.
Anyway, I woke up early today for a concert at MBS. Being an artiste myself, I really do love concerts as you’ll get to learn a lot by being part of the audience. There’s a reason why theres a phrase that goes “watch and learn”. Well, thats what I did today. Waking up early has become something a tad bit difficult and sleeping early is hard too but since my idol is performing, I’ll do anything. HAHA.

The show today’s called “Amazing Singapore and Malaysia Concert” and the artistes who performed during the show consisted of Ah Du, Gary Chow, Pin Guan, Tanya Chua and Fann Wong. Guess who’s my one and only idol???? 🙂
Brochure of the day 
Outside of the MBS ballroom 🙂 Excited girl! 
Cant wait!!
See THE amount of people!!! LOADS.
The Stage.
Oh just to share something very coincidental! I saw my idol’s parents and they were sitting just behind my row! 😛 I was like so excited even at seeing the parents. Just nice, my mum know the friends of my idol’s parents who were sitting together with them so we went over to say HI. AND! I got to talk with my idol’s parents. HAHA. I actually wanted to be bhb a bit to ask to take pictures with them. But oh well, I understand that they are not artistes and you know, shouldn’t be placed under the media’s and us DIEHARD fans’ limelight so I decided not to… SAD.  😦 And regretful! AIYERRR.
The host of the day was 艾力克斯, a Taiwan comedian and regular goer of 康熙来了。As such, I managed to recognize him. I personally think that his hosting style was not too bad and it was comical. He tried very hard to get the crowd “high” but HAHA, I think it was just a very tiring afternoon ya? Im kinda amazed at his fluent mandarin and English though. And he does look good HAHA, better than on TV! 
He did a very simple welcome and the first singer came on stage : 黄品冠

品冠 sang a total of three songs. Being the first to come up stage, I would assume that he’s quite excited and powered up and it was good that he came off stage for a handshake during his third song. Helped a lot in regards to you know drawing closer to the audience and obviously the girls went SCREAMING~~~

After 品冠, Tanya came up on stage.. Her songs were alright.. But I din really like the last song… It was nice that she sang a christmas song though which showed her good vocals and singing techniques despite it being a simple song.

After Tanya came Gary Chow who sang us both English and Chinese songs. My mum felt that his songs were very good as he sang two English oldies and two other chinese songs. For one of the English song, which was a duet, he sang both the male and female parts which simply wowed the crowd. Although my mum and her friends wasn’t able to appreciate the beauty of the very famous song 背叛 but Gary did a GOOD JOB! 

Oh ya, sorry for the images being so puny ya? I forgot to bring the lenses for my camera despite bringing my camera!! T.T and the front seats which are very close to the stage are not heightened. As such, I was kinda blocked by the front people 😦
AND the fourth singer of the day was Fann Wong! 
She sang a total of two songs – 我相信 and 月亮的秘密。Both songs were originally sung by her and recorded in her album.
My mum was very curious as to why Fann had a sling bag on her.. Forgot to take out?

HAHA,  when 艾力克斯 interviewed Fann, he said that 16 years ago, when he first met Fann, he wanted to tackle her and liked her but she’s married to somebody else now cause Fann did not react to his 放电ing. So cute! 

And after Fann, it was Ah Du’s turn. We were told that he was just discharged from the hospital prior to the start of the show probably due to the sudden change of weather and climate from traveling between countries. Could tell from his singing that he wasn’t feeling that well but I’ve got to say, he tried his best! 
The concert was alright but my focus was to support my idol’s singing. I assume that by the number of pictures you’ll be able to guess who’s my idol? Anyone? HAHA.
Since I was 7, after watching her show on TV, I started admiring her and followed her news and chased after all her shows, books and magazines. I remember how I was THAT siao about her that I had posters of her all over my room wall, collected her books, her cds, her shows and even the magazines with her as the cover page. 😛 And yes you’re right! Fann Wong rawks! I totally admire Fann for her beauty, her talent and her passion. 
Just to share, I was just a teenager when Fann released her 爱上了你 album and my dad actually brought me to her autograph session. That was the closest that I could get to her. Another time, Ru Ping jie, who was a friend of mine called Fann on the phone and passed me the phone in which I just couldn’t react and SAID “你是谁?” , SCREAMED and passed the phone back to Ru Ping. OMG OMG, I spoke on the phone with Fann. CANNOT BELIEVE IT. but STUPID RIGHT? I just threw the phone back. TSK.
Ok, and so I mentioned above that Im damn happy today. Why? Ok, actually its just something small BUT.. I tweeted Fann and she actually replied ” thx. I rem u.” OMG! How could that be…. I mean, Im like just so insignificant.. HAHA but oh well whatever it is I shall just take it as a very nice dream, remember it and appreciate it. Seriously, if I could ever act beside Fann one day I would be like DAMN happy…. Wish come true….. Any Santa Claus or Fairygod mothers out there who wants to grant me my wish since its christmas?? HAHA
Happy Girl cant slp tonight! :))
Wish me luck.
Xmas soon…
Haven buy presents uh!
Town soon.
Btw, Im thinking of doing a cover for Fann’s songs.. Should I?
Here’s my second cover of a new song by Angela 🙂
Enjoy 🙂

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