Yummilicious Flaming Crunch!

Love spicy food? Same.

Recently, Im just totally mind-blown by KFC’s new Flaming Crunch chicken! Being a lover of spicy food, I have always preferred McSpicy to other burgers and I’ll definitely go for the spicy ones if given a choice at, for example Popeyes, Texas or KFC. Through the years, I’ve been searching for the best spicy Fast Food Item and before the launch of Flaming Crunch, my list of good Spicy fast-food was as such:

1. Spicy McNuggets at McDonalds (Not permanant 😦 )
2. Pepper nuggets at Popeye’s
3. Double McSpicy at McDonalds (At third place cause I don’t like bread)

However, with KFC’s newest invention in the house, Im afraid Flaming Crunch has gotta be my NUMBER ONE FAVORITE. And I’m not joking when I say that I’ve had this consecutively for the past two days. GAWD. Fat Die Me!

Like yummy only!
Happy girl with her KFC Chickens!!!!
Obviously, KFC did not pay me to write this post, although I would definitely be very happy if they would ever sponsor me KFC! HAHA. Not gonna happen. But ya. Im actually writing this you know, as some Singaporeans might be more unwilling to try new items unless they are assured that its good. So, here I am telling you – if you can take spicy food – TRY THIS.

Just like the name, the skin is much more crunchier than the usual crispy ones with the use of cornflakes as an added topping (so creative ya?). Also, in my opinion, I cant really taste any spiciness in the crispy chickens but this??

  WOOSH. Flaming man.
Oh yea, for those of you who cant really take spicy stuff, you might end up with a hard time with these.  By the way, there’s a reason why I can give up eating pork but not chickens k? CAUSE KFC and MCDONALDS’ spicy chicken items just rawkkkkkkk…. Become vegan?? HMM. Not gonna happen…. YET.
AND… once again, KFC has proven itself to be finger-licking good!

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