Ah Boys to Men at Scarlet City

Sorry readers. I’m a lazy girl and not a professional blogger.
With the year nearing its end, there’s a slight raise in numbers of corporate and RC shows. As such, I’ve been kind of busy performing. Perhaps some of you might have saw me in some of the events. 🙂 Next time feel free to say hi k. Although I know I don’t look THAT friendly when I don’t smile but HAHA 🙂 Im pretty nice lah.


(Preparing for singing)

Anyway, on Wednesday, there was a party at Scarlet City AMK Hub in celebration of VoilaMedia’s 3 years anniversary. I was arranged to sing there on that day and the main actors of Ah Boys to Men, being invited by Wang Lei, came to celebrate too.

It was nice having a short meet up with them especially my “boyfriend” Noah Yap. You see, with the fame that they have, they are always crowded by their lovely fans and supporters. No time for me. But oh well, happy for them! 🙂 So it was nice to have a short chat with them and of course they went on stage to sing the Recruit’s Anthem!

Below are some pictures taken on that day when the cast was on stage:

At backstage with my girls – Shining sisters…

Singing on stage 🙂

Yeps, thank you all those teens who came k! 🙂 You guys made the whole place a lot livelier.

Backstage with the guys!! 🙂

 Noah Yap, IP MAN
My cheeky cheeky boyfriend.. HAHA. Getting more and more handsome boy. No more praying mantis look WAHAHHAHA. Something about being a celebrity makes one looks better ya?
 Maxi, JIN XL
Despite his Wayang King character in the show, he’s actually very different real life k? Not the guai guai kia but still a gentleman. No wonder those girls go kisiao over him.

 Joshua aka KEN CHOW GENG
The handsome guy and the main lead in the show. HAHA. He’s quite cute la. Im sure all you girls will go goo-goo-ga-ga over him. Especially the scene where he tried to bathe himself in cold water in the show right? Im not sure whats wrong with him though cause he always uses the word “sexy” in his twitter. I mean, why would anyone describe the weather as sexy?? I just cant imagine the weather as sexy haha. Sorry.

Charming? I think its just his personality to be very real. You don’t feel any sense of hypocrisy on him, just that loyal and boyish vibe – as displayed so truly in the photo above. HAHA. Very talented guy and along with his bad boy look, AWW, aren’t all of you young hearts melting?
I din manage to take a pic with Weiliang, aka Lobang cause he’s on stage most of the time but here’s some pictures of him in a skid that we did that day k? 

You may find the guy beside him familiar too cause he was the one who played younger Wang Lei in ABTM!

HAHA. Dont laugh. For the comedic skid, we were required to dress up in traditional Chinese costumes as the story was set in the periodic era. AND. this is how Mayoki/Sherraine looks like should I ever time travel back to the past…

How do I look?? HAHs.
Anyway, Im kinda of appalled that those who saw me real life actually thought that I acted as Ken’s gf, aka, Bong Qiu Qiu’s role. For goodness sake, NOPE, thats not me…. HAHA. Everyone said that I looked chubby and fat on screen and it was too different from how I look before them. HAIZ. life of an actress. really.
The BELOW pictures are purely just for fun, joy and laughter. HAH. My Bf so sweet ya?? 

And then….. Ken decided to join in the party….

And Lobang got JEALOUS…

HAHA. Im sure you guys can imagine by now how the plot would be should there be an AH BOYS TO MEN 3 ya?!


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