OOTD: Simplistic

You know how you feel so lazy on some days and you just want an outfit that looks presentable and feels comfortable? Well, this is one of my favorite way of dressing up when I just simply feel too mentally exhausted to think of something to wear or during certain rushed meetings when I just have to grab something and run out of the house.

After looking at my past OOTD photos, I realized that most of my clothes seems to show a dual side of me. Its as if I want to portray something sweet but with a little bit of attitude in it. For example, for this outfit, the black, red and white suggests a tat bit of goth while the red cardigan somehow emits a girly feel. What you think?

One of the latest ongoing trends would be the golden studs as well as leather pieces. So don’t forget to get yours the next time you go shopping in town! I just read a book about dressing and fashion and its stated inside that you don’t exactly need to have EVERYTHING screaming out loud that they are FASHIONABLE but instead, you should try something simple yet makes a statement. Im still learning..

Anyway, Im falling in love with the color combination of red, black and white. Really love the striking-ness of these three. They are so complimentary yet clashing. HAHA. I am complicated. I think complicated. I dress complicated even though its simple.

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