Star Cruise Anniversary 2012

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I apologize for not blogging as much recently due to the tight performance schedule. HAHA. I hadn’t time for shopping and enjoying which explains why there isn’t any OOTD post this week. Anyway, just to share, I was on Star Cruise last week, performing for their anniversary over the weekend and it was awesome! 🙂 So here’s a more detailed post about my three days two nights up there!

Im on the ship to work actually, but I got to cruise along as well which made my weekends so duper interesting. At first, I thought that being stuck on the ship for three days two nights would be somewhat boring and torturous, but seriously, on Star Cruise, everyday is a fun-filled activity day. Im sure everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously during the weekends.

Due to Star Cruise celebrating their anniversary, they had a weekend Agogo theme party. Thus, we had to be decked in our “old-fashion” costumes and there were many actors who were there to dress like people of the nines. The songs that we chose had to belong to that era and it was somewhat a challenge to me since Im not that familiar with songs from those years but Im glad to say that I managed to pull it off.


Upon arrival on board! 
Pictures of the performers!

Waiting for my turn… Brrr.
We were supposed to perform on the pool deck where everyone were supposed to have their dinner and party along with us, but due to bad weather, my performance was held indoor instead. Kind of sad though cause the setting was really THAT awesome.
No choice but to move…. So here’s some shots of my performance 🙂 The host that day was Irene Ang and it was kinda fun as the actors/actresses who were dressed in their obit-cha-cha clothes were offstage dancing with the crowd while I sang.

After the performance and dinner, we made our way to Galaxy club where they were having a she-man performance. It looked interesting and thus we chose to hang around and watched their performance.
Many were awed by them cause they were lip-syncing and dancing along to the hip music.

They got pretty close to the audience HAHA. I think that made some of the audience a little nervous.

HAHA, do you think the guy in front is enjoying the A-class view?
This “lady”‘s quite pretty. 🙂

I look like crap beside her right!!
Anyway, I didn’t sleep that night as I wanted to capture the sunrise on the ship in which I successfully managed to, thankfully! I travelled back and forth on the deck in order to find a good place for the shot k! 

Lovely egg yolk in the sky. Love the clouds and the sky.
If only I could wake up everyday to this kind of view… Life would be that good.
After witnessing the sunrise, I toured around the ship the whole morning before going for an afternoon nap 🙂
Heres some shots of the pool deck.

During lunch, there was a special activity organized for all the kids on board! 
I didn’t go there specially for this but I managed to snap some pics of them having passed by them at the correct timing.
These disney characters made a special appearance, to have lunch with the kids at the open deck! 
Photo sessions with them were available too.
Yea, totally can hear the kids shrilling~ 

Patrick, your belly so cute! 

Here’s your favorite squarepants!

Dora and who? Sorry, haven’t been in touch with cartoons for awhile!

We had a dance session held in Galaxy in the late afternoon too, where the instructor taught everyone to dance to the so overated-ly popular Gangnam Style!

Seems like they are enjoying themselves!
At night, I had another round of singing performance but this time, I was paired up with the album singer from Malaysia, Zhang Jia Ling. We did many oldies together and the crowd was really very supportive. I enjoyed my time on stage a lot too!
I sincerely hoped that those on board enjoyed the night with us too.
Love the colors of our costumes and of course along with those very talented dancers, the performance was a huge success.
With the cool people! A picture for memories sake.
That night 18/11/12, after dinner and changing out from our performance wear, we headed back to Galaxy for some drinking and chillax session. We watched the performance available there and played some drinking games. However, before the clock striked 12, the singer started singing a bday tune. In my heart, I was like “woah, whose birthday. seriously celebrate on the ship uh” and that was when I saw the singer and the cake coming towards me. Got the sweetest surprise of my life cause it was really unexpected! Cant believe that Jia Ling and Zandra, the two sweetest jies of mine would actually care and give me a surprise celebration! :)))))) 

Candles were not allowed on ship so oh well, here’s some improvisation and please pardon for the spelling error of my name! Who cares about the small error when I got CAKE on my BDAY~ And sorry about hair and make up. It was after show and I couldn’t care less.
Jia Ling jie! 🙂 the famous famous album singer.
Zandra jie! half my 保姆 during the trip.

My mum.
I honestly thought that no one would bother since I’ve already celebrated my birthday at Scarlet earlier on that week. Sweetest thing anyone had done for me ever. See how happy I smiled when making my wish! 🙂 Happy and loved.

Also, because it was my first time hanging out with Jia Ling jie, I didn’t know, aww, she could be so so so so sweet :). That night, we continued with a little bit of drinking, and then we went to the Casino to play a bit and it was off to bed.
Just like that, three days two nights with the most awesome people were gone. Overall, it was a great experience. I felt really lucky to be able to perform in front of such a huge crowd and I really enjoyed myself so much on the ship. I was kind of sad when we were back in Sg. Miss the happy times on board. 😉

Last but not least,
Happy Anniversary Star Cruise! 
AND here’s a shout out to the two sweetest jie jies! 

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