The Start of Twenty

Hey peeps, I apologize for not having blogged lately as I was quite caught up with work and some preparations for upcoming shows and events. Anyway, I’ve just passed the 20 mark on Sunday and would like to thank all of you for the best wishes on twitter and Facebook.

So yes, I’ve finally passed the twenty mark. feeling old 😦 Seriously, how many ten years do you have in life.. Come to think about it, Im already at the second chapter of my life and its really time for some growing up and I should really put some effort into doing the things I like.

Last Wednesday, 14/11/2012, I had a early birthday celebration at Scarlet City AMK Hub. Over here, I would like to once again express my thanks to those who dropped by that day. I was pretty glad to see some of my “long time no see” friends whom I’ve known at various stages of my life. Other than my friends, some of my supporters came down as well and that was really very sweet of you guys! Thank you so much!

This was my outfit for that day – A blue floral cropped top and a black leather skirt. For accessories, I wore a blue spikes hand band and my black and gold Baby G watch.

Here’s some of the pictures of that day.
Do pardon me if I look a bit red in some pictures cause hah, its an alcohol place.

With my poly friends:

With StarSearch acting course friends:
(I was very surprised they came.. really)
I ordered the Nyonya buffet that day by Chili Padi and the guests were all very pleased with the food. I would like to also commend them as I ordered the buffet quite last minute (like 2 days before) and although their pack up time was maxed at 10.30pm, the uncle was very nice to wait till 11.30pm cause my guests were all the night party-goers. Would like to specially recommend them over here! The food was great and their service was good. 🙂 
The food that night included of Kueh Pati, Mee Siam, Seafood Fried Rice, Curry Chicken, Assam Prawns, Broccoli with mushrooms, Sambal Sotong, Fried Fish in Lychee Sauce, Assorted Nyonya Kuehs and Drinks. 🙂 Personally, Im very satisfied with the look and taste of the food! So yummy! I was amazed that every bit of food was cleared (even the broccolis -.-). Totally abnormal right? 
After eating, I was asked to perform some songs on stage. That was probably the first time in which some of my friends actually heard me sing. HAHA. With the “small” intake of alcohol, I was kinda afraid that I would not be able to control my vocals so well, but I guessed it was alright. After singing, the artistes around were invited to make their way on stage and we had the cake cutting session. 

 HAHA. So embarrassing but I kind of cried on stage. Oh well :P.

My Twins ah girls gave me a sweet sweet hug. Loves them loads 🙂

Received loads of hello kitty items as presents! Thank you all!
My poly friends were so so so nice to buy me the Dancing Hello Kitty Speaker!!!
Lub Lub Lub!

Heres a video of how hello kitty dances 😛

CUTE RIGHT kitty fans?? HAHA

Once again, thank you to those who came and thanks for all your gifts!
Appreciate them ALOT 🙂

“its really nice to have friends like you you and you…. i am grateful…. i will remember you. :)”

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