OOTD: Blue Floral Pants Leggings

(Top from Forever21, Floral Pants Leggings from Lowrys Farm)
Oh well, this was my outfit for AhBoystoMen Gala which was at Vivocity GV on 061112 (more about that in another post). I hardly wear pants or leggings out, but its something that Im trying out a bit more this season. I chanced upon this blue floral leggings shopping at Wisma Atria and thought that it was kind of special. Since it places both very contrasting colors together, blue and yellow, it was striking and it looked pretty unique. 

I realized that it is kind of difficult to carry off a unique piece of outfit perfectly! With the floral leggings being very loud, I decided to choose a simple black top to go along with it. However, with just the top, it looked quite weird as the bottoms were like “over-screaming for attention”. Thus, for this look to look more balanced,  I figured that there must be something on top which blends in with the colors as well. As such, I went hunting for blue bangles and hand accessories and also painted my nails blue.

The thing about this look is that, it just doesn’t go as well with my usual short hair. With that, I did some clip on extensions to portray a more girly look so as to match off the pearls and florals. 

Lastly, I finished the look with these new found wedges which I found during a last-minute shopping before going for the gala. Its got really nice blue floral prints and it comes in black as well, matched with pink flowers. The black one looks good too but I could only choose one due to the cost of these shoes. Although it looks pretty, but the platforms are really quite high and its really not that easy to walk in it. I tried my best to trudge through the gala in these shoes.

Well, all for fashion and beauty right?

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