If the world ends on 21122012…

Hmm.. Do you really believe that the world will end on 21122012? Do you think doomsday’s drawing so near to us day by day? Are you afraid of the 2012 apocalypse? 

Just a sudden thought which made me write this post. You see.. If the world ends on 21122012, there would be no Christmas, no New Year and no Ah Boys to Men in cinemas next Feb! Then no one will see me acting in that movie! 😦  Just kidding. 

Well, in recent years there have been many speculations that the world will end on this date. One of the reasons which contributed to this presumption would be due to 21122012 being the end-date of a 5125 year-long cycle in the Mayan Calendar belonging to the Maya civilization (one of the first group of people in America who developed the written language, mathematical and astronomical systems of the pre-Columbian Americans – which means people who lived in America 1800BC). From what I understand,  I think some records have been discovered, left by the Mayans that the “Great Cycle of the Long Count”, the calendar of theirs, stops counting on this date, thus being interpreted as doomsday. It is said that “Armageddom would overtake the degenerate peoples of the World and all creation on the final day.” Well… well.. sounds similar to the Revelations chapter in the Bible if you ask me..

Another reason why we might be saying bye to each other on 21122012 would be due to having certain astronomical calculations which concluded that there would be an “interaction between Earth and the black hole at the center of the galaxy”. Either that or “Earth’s going to collide with an asteroid or some other planet” on this date. 

It is written on the net that people have been questioning about whether they should kill themselves, their children or their pets so that they would not have to experience this catastrophe. A few have already committed suicide due to the fear of this day coming. As for myself, I would rather live to watch this day come as it would be damn cool to see something extraordinary happening before your eyes, even if it means dying right after, wouldn’t it? I remain a curious girl even near death.. HAHA
I remember doing a survey a year back for a TV show, asking teenagers what they would do if they know the world will end the next day. Many replied that they would be with their family members on this last day till the last hour so that they can go to either heaven or hell together. Some said that they would spend all their money and make that day the most carefree and happiest day of their lifetime. Others simply want to do the little things that they’ve never tried before.  I confess. At that point of time, I didn’t have an exact answer.
*In deep thoughts* 
Right now, if I were to answer the same question, this would be it…

If the world ends on 21122012 (if its like super confirmed), I would actually choose to be alone on the last day. During the very last day, I will visit the places I’ve been to before and relive those moments of my life, be it happy or sad. Perhaps, the first stop I would be at would be the hospital I was born in? Then, I will visit the area I stayed in when I was a toddler, go to the McDonalds there, the playground and maybe sit on the swing? Next, I will make a visit to my Primary school and my Secondary school, where I spent 10 years of growing up in, enter a classroom and just feel again how I felt like when I was a student there. I will visit the areas where I cried, I hurt and I hated, the areas where I experienced happiness, accomplishment and love. Something like that…

After visiting and reliving those precious moments, I will make several phone calls. I will call up those I remember who have been good to me, to thank them for being part of my life and carrying me when I fell. I will call up those who’ve hurt me, to thank them for teaching me what it was to grow up and be strong. Lastly, I will call up those I’ve hurt before so as to ask for forgiveness from these people. I think being in a clean state, where I do not owe anyone anything would be a type of elation, release and acceptance of self that was never felt before and what better state to die you know?

Anyway, all these activities would have taken up all the time for the last day. So, just as the world is going to end, I will just you know hug my dog (cause I really love it a lot and I assume my dog will be lonely and scared ya?) and go to the place with the best view to see how the Earth dies. HAHA. What must come will come right? Might as well witness it. Perish all together. HIAK HIAK.

PS: The above actions will very much depend on whether there is a mayhem all around the world, if the phone lines are actually working and if theres no pre-catastrophe accidents or what so.

And there it is, my answer to the question. 
What about you? Any thoughts to that before?
Well well, just about roughly around 50 days to think it through… 
And we’ll find out the answer soon enough..
Aiya.. Im sure it won’t end la… Right? 
Im just writing for fun you know…

( Disclaimer: Some pictures were taken from google.com and information from wikipedia. I reserve no rights to those properties mentioned.)

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