Halloween @ USS 2012

Firstly, I would like to start off by saying that

” I’ve successfully conquered USS Halloween Horror Nights 2012! YEA!” 

HAHA. Actually, celebrating Halloween is really very alright to me. You see, I’m a very cool and indifferent person. So, I can’t exactly get SCARED or SHOCKED so easily. I’m the kind that expects the shock before it happens and I’m the kind of customer who goes around chasing those scare-actors for photos. Probably the kind of customer that those actors definitely hate cause they will always attempt to scare me (think I look too vulnerable) but FAILS. I remember that one instance where I scared one of the actors by suddenly bending down (the method where the actors scare those looking at the floor) and looking straight at his face with a camera. He jumped. I am so sorry dear and would like to apologize for my playful action. 🙂 HAHA.

(Me. Xingwei. Yuting. Peeps I know from interning at inSing)

Anyway, it was a good night of fun and excitement. I enjoyed myself tremendously and it has been long since I’ve felt this aware of my emotions. In total, I visited 3 haunted houses, all the haunted grounds as well as 6 of the major attractions at USS. It was a no-regrets trip as I would not rather visit USS in the day as its too hot and since I was able to take most of the major rides, it was good money spent!

I would like to specially thank Yuting and Darren for getting us the express lane passes! Although I would say that it was not VERY VERY crowded tonight, but while others were queuing like 1 hour or so for some rides or houses, I was able to walk into the express lane LIKE A BOSS and went right to the front of the line. 🙂 It saved us a lot of time and made sure that the trip was so well-spent. I paid just 70 bucks in total and finished all the notable stuff inside without queuing much. Worth it or what! So, just a note for those of you who might visit USS Halloween next year, its really much wiser to purchase the express pass if you want to make the best out of the trip. I mean since you’re already there right?

Just a simple introduction of the highlights of USS Halloween Night 2012:
There are in total 3 haunted houses – Dungeons of Damnation, Death Alley and The Insanitarium.

Upon arrival at the entrance, you’ll be greeted by the House of Dolls which is an open haunted area. No queue is required here and most of the actors are just scaring people walking through the streets. Here, you’ll find all the fierce-looking clowns and creepy live dolls. In order to save time, we decided to breeze through this area and go looking for a haunted house first. You’ll pass by this place when exiting too and pictures can still be taken then. Thus, it is better to proceed deeper without spending too much time here.

The first haunted house that you’ll see is the Dungeons of Damnation. Personally, if I were to rank the haunted houses, DoD would make the first place, no doubt. In this house, you will experience terror, shock and astonishment. The place is all bloody and filled with evil. Seriously, the DoD is by far the most successful haunted house I’ve been into. Behind every corner, theres a shock element and they have really spent quite a fortune and effort to make the place so devilish. Blood, body parts and “maggots” are spewed everywhere and there are like SO many torturous scenes depicted. DoD takes a very long time to complete and by the time that I was half-way through I was wishing for it to end.

In this house, there’s not only like mutants, tortured humans but also some monstrous-looking reapers/killers/undertakers (whatever you call it). You have to go through various bridges, stairs, falling walls and bloody rooms of hands and hair hanging from the ceiling in order to pass through. Not forgetting the sound and light effects which made the whole experience horrendous. As I mentioned above, Im not that weak-hearted but this place managed to terrify me quite a bit. So,  in terms of scare ratings, DoD deserves a full 5/5. Even thinking about this place scares me now. GOSH.

( My friends thought that I look like one of the ghost here in the pic HAHA)

Frankly speaking, my head felt heavy after escaping from DoD as the last room which contains of a bridge and spinning backdrop made me kind of dizzy and the anticipation for the scares depleted my energy. I felt pretty stressed up after this one haunted house so we decided to take a ride first before another hair-raising experience. The nearest ride to DoD was the Transformers 3D ride and we entered the ride without queuing. I was very lucky to be able to get the front seats of the ride the first time on it and its really a pretty nice ride.

Other than being awed by the awesome 3D graphics, the sudden movements of the car gave it “just enough excitement”, not too scary, not too boring. I especially enjoyed the scene where the car seemed to be falling down face-straight to the floor. It felt very realistic and even though most of the excitement were vision-based, there was the “roller-coaster drop feel” during this scene. I thought to myself “so this is how you will feel and what you will see if you ever jump off a 30-storey building.” LOL. Nice ride! 🙂

After the Transformer ride, we went on to visit the next haunted house which is the Death Alley. In order to get there though, you’ll have to pass by a haunted street called the “Total Lockdown”. Over here, there’s mayhem on the streets in NewYork town and zombies who died of radiation poisoning can be found here. Most of them are bloody and there are accident scenes with the entire place engulfed in smoke.

(The police trying to usher everyone out of the poisoned site) 

(Victim of radiation poisoning and I think falling down bah hahah) 

(This girl kept running around shouting for help) 

(This guy carries the hook and bangs at the fence trying to scare people) 

(This zombie managed to shock me as he looked pretty fake. I thought that he was just a dummy but he came alive when I approached him!) 

 (I think cause its always me who ask them for pictures so they keep wanting to strangle me?)

(The pilot tried to scare me from the back. It didn’t work, I diao-ed him. I was afraid he might take it too hard so I just took a picture with him although he doesn’t look scary HAHA)  

( He looks like an army from Ah Boys to Men scene. LOL. haunted one.. BMT at Tekong must have been too hard-a-training for him)

I find Total Lockdown being not that scary and I expected more from it. Perhaps due to me having watched the English series “Fringe” where there was an exact depiction of radiation poisoning when an airplane crashed, I was wishing for more gooey stuff or half melted bodies or something similar. If they could have the remains of the airplane where you have to walk through the broken aircraft with goo and melted bodies around, I beckon it would be much cooler. Although so, you still have to commend them for their good effort. 🙂

After walking through Total Lockdown, we entered the Death Alley. I didn’t like Death Alley as the scenes are made to look like a market at Chinatown. So, there were butchers and stalls around. Instead of having pork and beef hanging from the hooks, they have hands instead. Also, when the ghosts were like chopping, they squirted water out and it felt as if blood was all around. After the market, you will end up on a street which looks like one where prostitutes used to stand at the side and try to get some business. There are trishaws around and those girls in cheongsum looked quite vengeful, probably to show how these girls lived a tragic life before being used by men. My friends thought that the girls were especially fierce to the guys. This, I did not notice as I was just blinded by stinky smoke the whole way. The Death Alley is the least frightening out of the three haunted houses, 2.5/5.

Next, we went to take a ride and the nearest one was the Galatica. Truthfully, I was never a fan of roller coasters but cause I was with friends and since I have the express pass, I mean why not? So, I nervously made my way up to Galatica Human (red). I expected it to be mild as I heard that the Blue one was the scary one but the first swift drop of the ride really got my heart pumping so hard! I grabbed tightly to the vest during the whole ride and only ended up feeling the exaggerating blood rush after the ride. I couldn’t tell but Xingwei is a big fan of roller coasters (but so scared of haunted houses that she needs me to “protect” her in the house). Xingwei then decided that we should go for the blue one immediately after the red. I didn’t tell her this but LOL, I was quite shaken by the speed of the first roller coaster already. Trying to be very brave, I went ahead with her suggestion. The Blue galatica was the killer as it consisted of a corkscrew and a cobra roll. After the ride, I was like FUCK, I feel extremely drained and dizzy… GAWD.. I realized they were not kidding when they say that this ride isn’t for the faint-hearted. Anyway, I’m still a conquerer and I survived my first 360 degree turn roller coaster ride!

(You will feel the mist when on this ride. YA! Its that high up in the air.)

The Galatica rides plus the DoD were already enough to make me all groggy and disorientated but we still went on to the last haunted house which was the Insanitarium. The Insanitarium was alright, with scare-actors dressed as patients and doctors where they lock the patients up and do some scary experiments. The rooms were all dark and there were flashing lights and different settings. For example they have those kind of prison room, those scary kind of metal doors, the padded cell for mental patients, toilets and more. However, I was quite frustrated by one of the scare-actor as he made me damn wet! You see, there was this “over-sized” ghost in a tub of water and due to the dim lighting we couldn’t see him and suddenly we were splashed with stinky water! The amount he splashed was equivalent to a bucket of water, not just sprays. I was so angered by him that I was complaining through the rest of the journey. I could hear Yuting shouting strings of vulgarities too since shed was half-soaked. HAHA. As I was busy lashing half the time in the house, I didn’t feel that it was that enjoyable in the Insanitariam so here’s a 3.5/5 for them.

By about 10.45, we were finished with the above rides. As we were pretty angry about being damp due to Insanitarium, we decided to go for the Shrek 4D Adventure to bring back some joy. The 4D adventure was cute and cool with some spraying and wind effects. Next, we went to the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure as I haven’t been to USS before and wanted to visit it. Nothing much, just note that you will get a little wet after this ride, so be prepared! Xingwei told me that the ride feels different during the night. HAH. That gave me further assurance that my money was indeed well-spent!

(In front of the castle gates of Far Far Away.)

(I thought that it would be nice if they could have some haunted setting in this medieval-aged castles. Sounds cool to have some witches and pumpkins for a change? Perhaps some catch-the-witch or burning of the witch kind of thing next year?))

(How dinosaurs look like at night!)

(The floats where you get in for the Jurassic Park ride.)

Last but not least, we went to ride on the Revenge of the Mummies, one of the major rides in USS. Revenge of the Mummies was good as it started out slow and steady, making you less tensed up and suddenly after going through this one door, the drops and twists starts. For this ride, we ended up with the last seats. Due to this, I knocked my back when it moved backwards and braked forward at a fast speed. However, this is definitely one of the better thrill rides around and the settings were good as there was a fire room followed by an icy room. Quite the experience!

After finishing the rides, we were left with some time to take pictures and camwhore and off we went to Bizzare Bizzare and The House of Dolls. Below are some pictures taken there:

(Red lights at the entrance of Bizarre Bizarre)

(On the stage at the entrance, they are having a sacrificial ritual I think?)

(The skulled prest. Nice drapes!)

(Holding the knife with blood and mumbling some curse?)

(I saw this mummy downstage running around)

(Took a picture with a skulled mummy. Looks cute. I like how he/she is Bo-Gey)
(These guys must have the hardest scare job having to walk on stilts the whole night.)

(He was really nice to let me take a detailed portrait of him. 🙂 Nice mask you have!)

(Looks yummy? I meant the insects not the girl, don’t drift away!)

(The cheetah club!)

(The pythons. I thought it would be nice if they had someone dressed like Medusa?)
(Their props and clothes looks nice right! After the roller coaster rides my hair is just so messed up..)

Now back to the House of Dolls 🙂

 (Over here they have a photo booth to snap some pics with the puppet master. You’ve got to queue though.)

 (The puppet master’s assistant!)
(Our Halloween picture 2012!)

(The Jester posed for us, how nice!) 
(The evil clown who refused to stay still.) 

(Some emo doll who sat on the bench himself) 

(Haunted princess doll!)
 (Ya la.. You prettier, stop glaring!)
OH yea, the thing about USS halloween is that, its scare-actors are all so professional and into character that they refuse to stop or look into the camera. But then again, no ghost will actually pose nicely for you lah. I don’t know if its a good or bad thing but shows professionalism right? 

 (See this clown being the photo bomb!)

(Their backdrop) 

(Caught you!)

(Last pic of the night!)
All in all I would say that Halloween at USS is not too bad, especially since I got my tickets + express pass at $70 only. I understand that some express pass and only be used for selected or limited rides but mine had no limitations except the once per ride limit (Not like I will want to go on the rides again and again anyway)! Maybe because I haven’t been to USS before I find my visit very worthwhile having able to get the best of both worlds, but if I were to spend near $100 to visit next year, I would be expecting more out of it! 🙂

PS. You know I was kind of hoping they will have a Getai scene for Halloween the next time, something much more familiar to everyone.

This is my review for USS Halloween Horror Night 2012 🙂
Happy Halloween guys!

Anyway, Im hosting a Halloween event on Saturday and I think I need to dress up..
HAHA. Come back for more! 

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