Outfit of the Day: Glossy Black Leggings

Well, one can never go wrong with black and white. However, the pieces you choose and the material still do make a difference. As I was going to USS for the Halloween party, I needed something which is comfortable and slightly fashionable. Thus, I chose black glossy leggings and matched it with a very plain light thin white top.  The gloss on the leggings made the simple pair up look a bit more expensive. Definitely a better choice as compared to normal cotton ones.
Given the kind of exhilarating rides at USS, skirts and dresses are definitely a no-no.  Leggings for the bottom seemed like a better alternative. I’m pretty much into leggings recently as it gives your legs the perfect shape. Shorts may seem too casual at times. 

I used a black and white necklace to make the look more complete. By doing so, the overall look is more nicely matched, with just enough amount of white and black on top and below. I think accessories are crucial as it makes the outfit look sleek but not too simple.  

If you are slightly more daring, you may try tying the ends of the top to get the above look. It works well too if you have nice enough body shape. For one, its definitely gonna be an eye-turner! 

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