10 favorites of Sherraine

Just like the title suggests, this post will be about some favorite items of mine so that you may know Sherraine Law just a little better. As the saying goes “Do not judge a book by its cover.” Perhaps along with this post, you might just discover several unexpected likings of mine. Have fun reading on…

1) My favorite number.
Ok, this one makes perfect sense. Since my birthday falls on 18/11, my favorite all-time number would be the number 18. Very coincidentally, this number was my register number in primary school too. So, if I were to ever choose a number during a lucky draw or for a locker number, mine would definitely be 18. 
2) My favorite fast food. 
Although most of my childhood memories of time spent in a fast food restaurant would be in Mcdonalds eating Happy Meal, but I tend to enjoy the finger-licking chicken and mash potatoes now a little more. Since young, I’ve never liked eating bread so I do really have an issue with finishing my burgers. Also, since Im a little bit oil-concious, mashed potatoes seem like the better alternative.
3) My favorite food.
If you were to follow my instagram, you would have noticed the kind of food pictures I post the most. Ok, to all of you who yearn to date me out for a meal READ THIS. My personal favorites would be either for Western, grilled fish and cream pasta OR Jap food, which includes of Salmon, Soft Shell Crab and Chawanmushi (dunno how to spell). So, if you were to know any place where I can find the best-tasting listed food mentioned above please let me know, although I don’t really mind getting a treat once in awhile HAHA.

4) My favorite color. 
You know how during my age, when power rangers were like THE cartoon and most girls would prefer the pink ranger? Yearning to be the unique one, I took a liking to the yellow ranger instead. When I was seven, I knew most girls loved pink, but wanting to be different, I chose to paint my room walls blue. Sad to say, when I’m like going 20 now, I’m back to liking the color every girl prefers, pink. HAHA. No backbone… Ya i know.. 
5) My favorite cartoon.
I used to love a plenty, sadly to say, Barbie has never been on my list. What was on my list? Well, there was pokemon (the pocket monsters),  digimon (the digital monsters) , winnie the pooh (the silly bear), power puff girls (those big doe-eyed creatures) , barney (the clumsy purple dinosaur) and even teletubbies (EEW those TV aliens). Luckily, my latest favorite would be what I would classify as a little bit more normal which is Hello Kitty’s kitty, Charmmy (the kitten that belongs to the cat which possesses no mouth). Yea, I know, cartoons are just plain weird now that I think of it.. 
To those of you who don’t know who is charmmy: 
6) My favorite phrase.
Well, my favorite phrase actually came from a channel 8 drama years ago. It goes like this “我相信人间有奇迹。暮色里也会有七色长虹.” Since young, I’ve always felt that the world is more gray than colorful, more sad than beautiful. Therefore, I believe that hope is really important for anyone to stay strong in a world as such, thus the phrase have been my conviction for years so that in moments where giving up sounds like a plausible action, it acts as a reminder. You can take it as your favorite phrase too if you like. *EMOS*
7) My favorite sport. 
If you still don’t know me well by now, here’s a secret. Basically, I am secretly a vampire. Truth is, I hate the sun. You see, it has always been my quest to obtain fair skin and the sun in Singapore is so not helping. I remember how I used to wear sunblock and long sleeves everyday to school just to remain fair. It is really a miracle that I did not suffer from heatstroke. Ask my friends and you’ll know how extreme I was. So, if I hate the sun, it means no outdoor sport except when its after the sunset. Also, something you need to know about me is that I was never a good runner. Thus, my favorite sport would be to SWIM at night. Its weird, but since young, I’ve enjoyed being submerged in water. I think it has something to do with how my favorite fairytale was the Little Mermaid as well. Yea, totally sometimes on land I feel like a “fish out of water”. If you know what I mean…
8) My favorite pastime.
I love adventures and dreams. Also, I yearn to know about different parts of the world and different lives. The only way in which I could accomplish all these wants would be immersing myself into stories and books. Particularly, if you’re interested to know, I like stories which consist of enchantments, which would mean those in which they have fairies, gods, monsters and magic. Another favorite kind of stories of mine would be those novels about sad lives that other people live. Simply open my cupboard and you will see all the kinds of emo novels I own. I’m not kidding when I say I really have loads of it.
9) My favorite getai song sang by me currently.
HMM. I’ve many favorites for the songs I sang, but recently, my preference would be “牵引”. Other than the melody being kind of able to set me in a trance, the lyrics would be the most important reason. I especially fancy the chorus: “我不愿回顾,因为在心底深处。思念常刺痛我心灵。人生旅程,充满艰辛和坎坷, 我需要你的双手牵引。” Well, I believe that each and everyone of us have something in our memories that we won’t want to remember and its always during nights when we start missing how the past used to be that it hurts so much in reality. The last sentence never fails to touch me. Truth is, the world does consist of much hardships and sadness, as such we need to hold on to each other. To me, the last sentence sounds like a plea, perhaps a little bit like my inner-most heartfelt plea –   我需要你的双手牵引.
NOTE: Cause most of you who read my blog are getai fans, heres an exclusive for you. 
10) My 3 favorite Getai Artistes.
Ok, just to clarify, I have many favorites and many likes. It does not mean that I don’t like any one of the veteran artistes if their names are not here, but not like they care anyway HAHAHA. If it makes any of you feel better just take it as the below mentioned 3 are easier for me to state the reasons why.
And so, if I were to name 3 of my favorite Getai Artistes it would be – Lee Pei Fen, Angie Lau and Michelle Choo. Reasons? (PS the below pictures were taken way back!)
For Miss Lee, I must really say that she is the most talented young adult that I’ve ever met. Other than being equipped with great vocals, this lady can not only sing well, host in different languages, play the piano and drums, she has also done well enough in her studies and has a fine character. Need I say anymore?  
Another favorite would be Angie. Many of you would have heard of her since she was already an accomplished singer at a young age – 小苹果 (Sorry, but I have no idea how the name came about). She’s widely known for her wide repertoire of canto-pop songs. Of course, many can sing. However, other than being a wonderful singer, she’s also a very nice lady who never fails to encourage newbies and also a very nice mother to her two cute kids. Kudos to that! 
Last but not least would be Michelle Choo, more widely known as 小明珠。You know how many love saying the phrase- “The stage is my life”? Well, a little girl like me would never come to know the meaning of this chiemology phrase if not for her. Never in my life have I met an artiste like her who has THAT much passion for the stage. Its not hard to tell. Just from her singing alone and the kind of feelings she places in her songs, its as if she’s singing her life, her story every time she’s on stage. How can one not be mesmerized by her charm on stage? 
HAHA. Now I feel so shy that I disclose them here. HAHA whatever… 
Ok, we’ve come to the end of the 10 favorites post 🙂
Hope you’ve learnt a little bit more about the kind of girl I am.
I’m having a hard time thinking of what to write about these days, so if you would like me to write on any particular topics, for e.g. wanting to know what I hate, what kind of guy i like or any questions, leave me a comment or PM me on FB 🙂 
Thanks for reading 🙂

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