717 – The Durian Number


Every year as the Mid-Autumn festive season draws near, roadshows can be seen everywhere. Being a lover of Chinese culture, I kind of appreciate how Singapore embraces these traditional customs. Beautiful lights and decorations can be found all around Singapore by now and events are often held to celebrate this festival. I remember how I visited a mooncake roadshow at Nex and tasted the different mooncakes last year and was pleasantly surprised.

Before the 20th century, when I was still a kid (not like I’m very old now, just older), mooncakes have always been those traditional types with the lotus paste and egg yolk. However, right now mooncakes comes in various flavors and sizes (I remember tasting a very sweet guava flavored moon cake last year! LOL. Din really like it). Although some of you may prefer the traditional type, but to all durian lovers, here comes a treat for you!!

Calling all durian lovers – How does D24 Durian mooncakes sound to you???

See the big crowd gathered in front of the booth??
Yes, what is making those people so curious and interested are these delightful mooncakes from 717 Trading’s DurianMpire!!
See how its divided into different layers? 
The skin is not too thick and the Durian filling is so thick and authentic! 
Simply yummy! 
Well, I’ve never been a fan of durian products but this really tastes so good! 
Other than the D24 snowskin mooncakes, one can also choose the Mao Shan Wang Mooncake, the Emperor Jade Durian Mooncake and something even better – The Mao Shan Wang Ice-cream Mooncake!! 
Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll definitely want more… (Thinking of the taste now.. *slurps*)
Business has been good so if you’re interested, do order early! 
A picture of me with the boss! 
See the never ending crowd behind me! 

They do sell the traditional one too, but come on, time to upgrade your taste already lah! 

Seriously, you guys need to trust my taste! HAHA. Don’t end up like Brenda who, in the end, still had to admit that I do have taste! (-evil laughter-)

Anyway, their Roadshows are held all over Singapore mostly from 17th sep to 30th sep. To those of you who love durian, you guys should definitely to head down and try some very good durian mooncakes! Its always good to taste them and make some comparison before deciding on this featured delicacy this month!

Here are the venues: 
Causeway Point
Jurong Point
Ion Orchard
Tampines Mall

Have a change this season people!
Oh they make perfect gifts as well!
With so many new choices, its time to spoil your taste buds!

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