After days of hard work, its time for a big treat for myself!
Met Brenda in the afternoon for some Sushi and Shopping time.
We ate at MOF as there was a 30% off for all members after 2.30pm and I just happen to own the card.
Ordered loads of food but the cost wasn’t high. 
Totally worth it! 
 Salmon Sashimi
 Soft Shell Crab
 Her Pork Chop Bento

 Mango Prawn Roll
Glutinous Rice Balls with Red Bean

I personally feel that the food at MOF is actually better than average, especially the soft shell crab and mango prawn roll. Before we ordered, I told Brenda that the Mango Prawn Roll was good but she gave me a disgusted face and said that mango plus sushi is pure weird. In the end, after tasting the sushi, she just had to agree with me that it was good and SHERRAINE LAW HAS GOOD TASTE. Seriously, isn’t that obvious enough already?? Brenda thinks that the desserts there were good. As for me, I would prefer their side dishes as the red bean was too sweet for me. Those of you with a sweet tooth would probably love it as she says that the red bean at MOF is specially shipped from idunnowhere.

Conclusion from Brenda = Sherraine is abnormal cause she hates sweet stuff.
Conclusion from Sherraine = Brenda has no taste. HAHAHA.

After that we went shopping around Tampines and I was elated to have been able to buy what I was looking for.

At night, I went to AMK Hub Scarlet City for a birthday celebration of a Getai artiste. It was very crowded there and many familiar faces of the Getai scene came to give their best wishes to the birthday guy. GF was there too and we ended up cam-whoring and all.

Due to the massive crowd in Scarlet, we decided to spend some time at the arcade beside it first before the official celebration. We went crazy playing gun games, basketball, race games and more.

GF looking very engrossed while playing the game.
Actually, she sucks at this hahaha.
But even looking serious, she’s still a pretty girl..
How can I lose to her…
 Posing with the gun.

Hmm.. Do I still look good with my short hair?

We went back to the pub after a few games.
By the time we went back, the pulsating music has started making everyone high and of course, its time for more camwhoring. Had fun with all the people there and the music and performance was good.

The birthday artiste.
See how many extras there were trying to fit in the picture?
 Finally a slightly more decent picture.

 Here’s some of the other artistes around.

And of course I need to give my beloved GF a big hug for meeting me early and always having me in thoughts and at heart. 

Two Siao Cha Bors. HAHA
Just a small intro to a nice song here.
As, I kind of need music to work, while Im blogging, Im actually plugged in with my earpieces and listening to music.
Came across this really nice cantonese song:

連詩雅 Shiga – 好好過

睡覺都哭泣委曲求全 博不到你可憐
還受到我眼淚感染 關心我又驚我討厭

獨處於家中一般快樂 再不與你關連
忙著記錄你那片段 看不出關係很遠

還要生活 別再三失眠
隨便你走 仍能愉快的生存
贏了經驗 沒有輸尊嚴
年紀太小 人人受過傷無可避免
明日我便能振作 成熟半點

沒你的冬天都不算壞 我取暖有火柴
拿逝去情人節放大 每一天一樣不快

還要生活 別再三失眠
年紀太小 人人受過傷無可避免
明日我便能振作 成熟半點

還要生活 別再三失眠
隨便你走 仍能愉快的生存
贏了經驗 沒有輸尊嚴
逃出困境 重頭為我的人生自勉
明日偶遇誰愛我 然後發展

Its got some very nice lyrics 🙂
So just listen peacefully to the music and enjoy.

Time to calm down the heart and mind.
Time to relax the body and find tranquility in soul.

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