The start of something new

I am a very changeable person. Passions of mine never lasted long, or rather some passions might have lasted but the fire to keep going just doesn’t seem to stay strong. I have no idea but I’m really not the kind that can just settle for the same old thing for a long time, even if its good.

Its always the same old routine where one fine day Sherraine says: “I am determined to do this this this and shall definitely achieve it.” And then the next moment, Sherraine says: “Oh well, who cares!”
You see, that is the reason why my blog views often soar and plummets. Both rapidly.
I used to be kind of disappointed and angry with myself with regards to this but oh well, I just kinda forgave myself. Alright, back to topic!
Well, the busiest month for all Getai singers is officially over and we are currently in a more relaxed mode. Parties, celebrations and shopaholic ways are definitely around the corner. That, I shall update again when it does happen. And so, being such a changeable girl and since it is a new start of the month, I decided to do something different to my hair.  🙂
This was my hair before July..
For awhile, I was pretty mad about brighter colored hair due to Taiwan magazines as well as JK POP. The past few years of dyeing my hair has definitely contributed massively to the damages to my “already-weak” hair since I used to rebond my hair very often years ago.

 This was my hair before August..

After the continuous pursue after brighter-colored hair, it was until before the seventh month where I decided that I needed a major change. At that point, my hair was already near life-less and I wanted something so different that people would have noticed the change in me immediately. So, I picked black as my new hair color after being inspired by various Asian stars like Fann Wong and Vicki Zhao, where they carried black hair like it was the “IT” color  for all Asians. Other than dyeing, I did extensions to my hair as well to add more volume. Since I hated how I had to style my hair properly every time I go on stage, I figured that the extra volume would have helped.
And this is my hair nowwww..

Many of you might ask if I had any troubles that I wanted to forget which might have forced me to take the path of snipping my hair off. LOL. But nope. That was not a reason. Basically, other than getting bored of the long hair look, which many actually complimented and that short hair is now one of the trend, it was actually VERY VERY tedious maintaining that bundle of extra hair.
Take my advice.
All you ladies out there.
Do not extend your hair.

Why? What could have been so bad?
Let me explain here.
The not-so-good about hair extensions

Firstly, let me give you a little bit of background info about hair extensions. 
You see, there are many methods in which the extensions are fixed onto your hair and in Singapore, there are mainly 2 methods:
1) Micro Beads : Where a micro bead is fixed around strands of your real hair with the extensions.
2) Braiding: where they braid your hair along with the extensions. 
I did both methods before. Both methods have its own advantages and disadvantages. The braiding method can last longer, however the damage is huge. This method enables you to feel more comfortable when you sleep since its not that hard and noticeable. The micro beads method on the other hand is not lasting since every time you comb, extensions can fall off easily but yet the pressure on your real hair is not as great. Although some of your hair might fall off when you remove the extensions, but I think there is lesser harm done. Why am I saying this?
This is it.
The reason why I cut my hair short was due to how difficult it was to manage the extensions. This time round, I did an extension of a total of 300 strands. At the start, it was alright. But as time goes by, the extensions tend to entangle easily and it took me around 30mins to 1 hr everyday to comb every tangle out. It hurts a lot since you’re pulling your own hair too. Some of my natural hair broke and they became frizzy. I was pretty upset. Secondly, due to the thickness and how the fake hair got tangled up easily, it was hard to really wash your scalp. The hair got tangled up despite the large amount of serum and conditioner used. I could feel my scalp getting a little bit oily. Lastly, I really got a shock when I removed the extensions. My hair got even thinner then before! It was obvious and many strands of my hair dropped along with the removal of the extensions. It was unpreventable. In my heart, I was like fine, I made my choice of extending, no one else to blame right. And so, after finally removing those heavy bulks of hair, I went to a salon for a hair wash and this was when the Auntie told me “Hey, do you know that there are some patches where your hair dropped?” 
I was like, “PATCHES?”
During the wash, my hair dropped as if I had cancer. (No offense here!)
They fell off in bunches. 
After she blew my hair, she showed me the patches of emptiness -.-.
This was when I remembered how 3 bulks of extensions fell over the months while I combed my hair. Due to the large amount of pressure on my hair, the roots of my hair came off when the extensions fell off. Apparently, although the removal of the braids would have caused minimal hair loss, the pressure made the roots very weak. I felt like crying seriously. APPALLED.
As such, in order to let my hair regain its health and glow, I decided to trim off the “extremely damaged ends” so as to stop excessive damages to the rest of my head.
Kind of regretted doing extensions despite the beauty of it.
However, should you be very desperate for long hair, a friend of mine did recommend me those clip on kind of hair extensions where you can clip it when you want and take off after. The hair can be washed, soaked in conditioner, permed and straightened.
Looks like this:
Should you want long hair, this should be the best alternative.
Well, I’ve said what I wanted to, the rest is up to you.
Doubt that I’ll be putting on extensions again…….
Now I know how cancer patients feel……
And so here I am now with my short bob hair.
Hope it brings me to a new beginning.
Nights peeps.
Will blog about Getai soon.
Awaiting pictures…..

 The above post is based solely on my personal experience and feelings.
Not all pictures belong to me, some were found on

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