The happenings in SG

Apparently, whenever life gets some what boring here in Singapore, something will just come up. Despite us being a small country, we do have our own culture, our own news and our very own “youthful ways”. Didn’t our teachers always use to tell us to keep ourselves updated with current affairs? Right now, over here, I will be sharing with you guys what I deem as “current affairs” . Oh well, don’t worry, it won’t be boring….

Current Affair Number 1: The royal visit.

Yes, just in case you guys weren’t updated, the world’s most lovely prince and princess is currently IN Singapore. A round of applause to welcome Prince William and Kate!! Singapore has been selected as their first stop for their Southeast Asian and Pacific tour. They visited the Botanic Gardens in the afternoon and was (like duh..) welcomed by all their  fellowAng Mops. (those girls must have went goo-goo-ga-ga when they saw the prince and they must be wondering why they weren’t the princess.. yea yea.. time to stop dreaming!) AND omg! Did you know that an orchid hybrid has been named after the princess?? Sweet huh…

Dearest Mr Lee with the princess and prince.
I love the way they are smiling..
Looks a lot like the kind of happily ever after scene.
Hope they enjoy it here in Singapore despite our horrible horrible weather 🙂
Current Affair Number 2: The new immigrants.

That is right!  Other than the prince and princess from England over here in SG, Kai Kai and Jia Jia are here too! Its definitely getting a little bit crowded in our small island! Hey wait! Are they holding a bouquet of leaves to depict how happy they are to be here?? How cute of them.  
Its really nice how Singapore created a panda-lion dance to welcome them isn’t it?
I really hope they appear during CNY dance performances next year too!
Finally, new animals in the zoo…
I’ve had enough of seeing Panda biscuits and Panda dark eye circles and not the real Pandas!.
Anyway! Welcome Kai Kai and Jia Jia! I shall visit you soon~ 
And I thought this was really cool! 
Hope you pandas won’t create lack-of-job/space issues!! 
Current Affair Number 3: The unbelievably popular Gangnam Style!

How did this weird guy dancing in the stables got popular? I really have no idea. But, seriously, its everywhere… Everyone is watching and dancing to this… YES.. even dads and mums and ah mas! 
(Okkk…. so.. a weirdo dancing… but but…Just what is Gangnam style???)
Well, the phrase “Gangnam style” actually refers to the kind of posh and luxurious lifestyle where people in Gangnam, a trendy part of Seoul leads. So, the lyrics is all about being THE guy and THE girl, kind of like the “upper east-sider” kind of feel in America. The reason why it became famous would be how the singer PSY incorporated his extremely unique dance moves into this catchy tune.
Ok.. so what are the moves?
I was searching for pictures and I found this so I’ve decided to add it in..
Hope it helps! 
Perhaps those of you out there who look a little bit more ordinary but would like to be famous could try this. Im not kidding that this guy is freaking famous.. 
He’s everywhere! 

The other day I saw some water bottles and mugs of him on it sold in Comics Connections. 
Those of you who are interested can check them out..
I wonder if they will eventually make soft toys of him too…
LOL. I wouldn’t want to hug him..
And just in case you haven’t watched all the action, here’s it: 
And for the more notable parodies that are really good: 

And here is the must watch video of Gangnam style!!
By Singapore’s very own Getai Artistes “LIVE”
Singapore Getai Gangnam Style: 

Here’s a picture of us doing it on Getai: 

And for those of you who hates the Oppa Simi Sai, here you go: 
Have a good night! 🙂

Photo are from, yahoo and Andrew Ng
Videos are from various youtube users and Iris Chin.
I  do not own any of the photos and videos above.

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