Upper-east sider lifestyle….

Yea, I wish..

I’ve always wanted to live like an upper-east sider. Well, that means brunching, partying, alcohol, parties and an extremely interesting social life. Sad to say, the kind of lifestyle is almost impossible since I was not born a rich kid and in Singapore, such an episode in life is hardly experienced at all. Despite such, I would deem my afternoon today pretty well spent!

Well, what better start of the day than to have a nice view in a western restaurant and savoring the food? Today, I spent my afternoon at Tampines Mall, where I decided to meet a friend for lunch. Since the timing was kind of rush as I had singing at night, it was almost a come-and-go visit to TM to run some errands. Just look at the sunlight shining in. Lovely afternoon isn’t it?

This is me, without make up.
We ordered the Chili Crab Pasta and Chili Fish Pasta. Though the name sounds spicy, but its actually quite mildly hot. Personally, I did not exactly favor the pasta as firstly, it was not spicy enough to deserve its name and secondly, I didn’t like the texture of the spaghetti. As you can see below, the spaghetti there tends to be thicker. I prefer the thinner ones.
 Chili Crab Pasta – with soft shell crab and crab meat as ingredients.
 Chili Fish Pasta – With 2 pieces of fish fillets.
Coming after the seventh month would be one of the most celebrated holiday in Hong Kong and China  – Mid-Autumn Fest. Even though Singapore does not prioritize it as a VIDate but with the season just a few weeks away by now, restaurants and hotels would have started their heavy promotion on their moon cakes. Customers are often spoilt for choices during the month but for myself, I will at any time prefer the ice cream moon cakes from Swensens. 🙂
I haven exactly tried any other ice cream moon cakes so if you should know where there are good ice cream moon cakes, please leave a comment! 

The ice cream moon cakes from Swensens have a very attractive packaging with Mickey and Minnie on the box. It comes in a pack of two and the available flavors for now are chocolate and strawberry flavor.
Can you tell the difference between the two pictures?

 And here’s a big picture of yummy ice cream moon cakes with Mickey on it!!
So freaking CUTE! 
I remember seeing Hello Kitty Snowskin moon cakes last year at a moon cake fair but I’ve forgotten which brand it was. Hope to find it this year! 
Anyway, I do enjoy the freezing ice cream along with the snow skin outer surface – tastes like MOCHI! The service of Swensens was not bad since they packed the moon cakes with dry ice so that it would not melt as quickly. YUMMY YUMMY! 
I can never get enough of this and I bet kids will definitely love this too as compared to the traditional moon cakes with yolk and lotus paste and all! 
For those of you who have not tried ice cream moon cakes before, it is a totally must-try!
Counting down to the end of seventh month…

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