Bailey- My Beloved, The Cutie Pie

Its sad being an only child. Thats’ MY statement. 
I know most of you with siblings might simply disagree with me since an additional person at home would mean more quarrels and anger. However, I would at any time prefer more family drama than feeling so lonely and helpless at times. I will always remember how I was a really pampered kid with all the newest gadgets and toys around. For example, I had all the very-much-yearned-for tamagochis, digivices, monopolies, play stations and more. Seriously, I think I might have at least own two or more of each item but had no one to play with. Its really sad to play monopoly by yourself, throwing the dice again and again representing different characters. (OMG. 好可怜的一幕。Im so gonna cry! HAHA JK).
And so, life was so lonesome that it had always been my birthday wish to have a puppy, a companion. Sad to say, just like MOST parents, my mum objected to it strictly. At that time, I was thinking that it has got to start from somewhere. As such, I asked for fishes as pets!
Being a kid at that time, I was pretty excited. I had gold fishes, guppies and fighting fishes. I was happy for awhile until I realized how the water stink, their food stink AND…. 
(and even if i did, that would feel disgusting).
Ok.. I swear I didn’t KILL them… One day they just died…. 
Moving on……
My mum was still against having any pets with fur… So the next alternative I had was to move on to terrapins!! The terrapins went pretty well I would say. They lasted for awhile BUT the water stinks too!!!!!!! To the point that my mum BTH! HAHAHAHA. 
Besides, I tried playing with them too!
But they refused to move when I placed them on the floor.
World’s next most boring pets they are..
When I looked at them yearning for some response…
They did gave me something..
They blinked….
 (PS. when i look at this picture I think of the turtles that people eat… GOSH. I’m gonna puke!)
 I swear I didn’t KILL them either. One day they just died too…. 
So, still moving on……
And so, life moves on and by the time I was in Secondary one, my mum finally relented and allowed me to get some hamsters! (Partially due to the fact that they were free as her friends gave them to me.) Finally, I felt as if luck was at last on my side! And so, I kept them happily in the kitchen and pampered them with nice cages and lots of love.
Life was good.. Until…

One fine day, I woke up and went to the kitchen to find my hamsters but to only find the most gruesome scene I’ve ever seen at that age. You see, I had two hamsters, so my guess would be that they had a big fight at night and they chased each other around the cage. Ending? Well, one of them apparently got bitten and died. The one that was dead had its head stuck in between the hamster wheel and had two bite marks on it. OMF?? 

Childhood Trauma!!!
I was so upset and appalled at the gory death of that hamster that I gave the other one away. I truly suspect that its got some serious violence-control issue…
Bye hamsters… 
Moving on……
On my 14th birthday, my friends were really sweet. Knowing that I’ve always wanted companion, they gave me a ———– BUNNY!!! 🙂 Happy girl I was… Very happy. And since it was free and its sort of 先斩后奏, my mum had no choice but to agree.. And so, my bunny was called November since my birthday is in Nov. 🙂 Sweet little thing. 
Sad to say, because bunnies are naturally more fragile and harder to take care of, it was tough keeping it alive despite me thrashing all my money in to buy it whatever it needed. I cried like hell when November died after three months in my house. I think that it suffered from some serious digestive problems. And so, November was just gone like that. I was so so so extremely upset that my mum had no other solutions but to buy me another bunny. This time, I named the bunny “Win”.
Win was a cute little guy. He would always sleep on the sofa all curled up like that, or in my arms. After losing Novemeber, I treated Win like a precious gem. I bought him all kinds of treats, all kinds of toys and the best bedding and pellets I could find. Perhaps, I took a wrong move. After being fed the yummy treats, Win started rejecting normal hay. Due to this, my mum decided to entice him with fresh vegetables. She got some lettuce and fed him with it. BUT, Win started showing symptoms of diarrhea and my mum quickly brought it to the vet. It was expensive, but I wanted Win to live! Sad to say, Win wasn’t able to make it and died after a few days of medication.
Life was dull. Lucky for me, during my final year of Secondary school life, Bailey came into my life as a gift! Bailey changed me… ALOT. From an extremely “lonely and emo” girl, I became a little bit more cheerful. Whenever I’m upset, I was able to hug her. Every day when I came back from school, she would be at the door wagging her tail waiting for me without fail. When I cried, she stayed by me. When I laughed, I think she smiled too.. My one and only! 
When Bailey was just a pup…

So ever adorable and cute! 🙂
She’s been with me for three years now and I can never imagine the last three years without her. 

She’s sensitive to the camera, quite a good girl and will stay for the lenses if i told her to 🙂

I’m her trainer since young and she is indeed very teachable. 
Fully toilet-trained after training her when she was a pup and she hardly makes any mistakes.
My pride! 🙂

Bailey is given full access of the whole house and occasionally, she accompanies me to singing too. 
She likes the TV too! Especially so when she sees her friends.. WOOF.

This is her nice pink bed which I bought for her but she prefers mine…. 
Sleeping soundly while Im here typing…

I reckon that she loves me too since she’s always jealous when I hug this big dog toy more than her..

Joy of my life. 

Don’t ever leave me k..
My beloved.

One thought on “Bailey- My Beloved, The Cutie Pie

  1. Wow….. Difficult to see that such a pretty girl like u have such a sad past and experience…. Still, hope u stay pretty FOREVER and all the best for getai! ( the second last photo, u look REALLY REALLY REALLY PRETTY!!!)

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