Insomnia is such a B!tch!

Perhaps due to the job nature of a getai singer,  my Facebook is always filled with night cats who simply can’t sleep at night. Some of them resorted to using sleeping pills while others have simply accepted the fact and camp through the night happily with an iPad on hand. With the advancement of technology, its’ really not very hard to stay awake. Don’t you agree?

For myself,  I really enjoy the tranquility and quietness which only exists at night. I think I’m very much a night person. My brain tends to be more active at night. Does your brain works similarly too? Or is it just me being weird?
I wasn’t a good student in Secondary school. Whenever there were exams or quizzes, its always sleep at 1am wake up at 3am and study till I get ready for school. I’m one of those last minute students. In Chinese, they call it “铃时抱佛脚”. However, I was always very proud of myself being able to quickly memorize the content and do fairly alright for exams.
(This is the closest picture to a Nerdy Sherraine!)

(And here’s Bailey who never fails to get attention!) 
I used to complain about not getting enough sleep during school days. (I was always late for school and am the one sleeping in class.) Right now, its not that much of whether I want to sleep, more of it is rather if I could or not. 
So what am I doing through the night? Other than being very very active on Facebook, watching shows on my iPad and trying to perfect my blog, I’m currently kind of addicted to a game on phone..
Just to intro, its called “Retired Wizard Story”. Its got cute graphics and really nice colors. 

I like it as its rather challenging and it requires both speed and brainwork when you get to the higher levels. Its a really simple game actually, just got to kill the sheeps by clicking on them. 
You earn diamonds while you advance to higher levels and you get to exchange these diamonds for various skills. So, equipped with different skills and mana refills, you just have to KEEP clicking at a really fast speed. (I swear my finger nearly cramped!) 
Anyway, I’m currently addicted to the game. 
Do leave your comments and let me know if you like it too! 🙂
Thats all for tonight.
All you night cats should seriously get some sleep!
(Points finger back at myself..)

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